When Does Gestational Diabetes Start – Early Recognition

When does gestational diabetes start? Most people may not know when exactly this condition starts. Indeed, pregnancy is the one to blame because this condition mostly appears during pregnancy. It refers to condition when there is increase of blood sugar level. It happens due to pregnancy hormones that interfere with one’s body ability in using insulin.

Insulin itself is hormone that is responsible to turn blood sugar into energy. When body cannot work properly to use insulin, it results in high blood sugar levels. Number of pregnant women experiencing this condition is 4% every year.

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

The truth is most women do not realize they are actually experiencing this condition. It’s because most pregnant women tolerate various changes in their body and think that all the changes happen due to their pregnancy. Some women who are sensitive may notice symptoms of gestational diabetes such as unexplained fatigue, thirst and extreme hunger.

Usually, doctors screen their patients during pregnancy for the existence of gestational diabetes. The screening is usually performed during 24th week to 28th week of pregnancy. Some women have more risk factors and they are usually being screened earlier than other pregnant women.

What’s The Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

The screening is not a frightening process. It only requires women to drink sugary liquid before taking a blood test. If the result shows high blood sugar level, women need to drink more sugary liquid and take several other tests to see the results.gestational diabetes diabetestic com When does gestational diabetes start

Risk Factor of Gestational Diabetes

Some people may be more at risk of gestational diabetes than other women. The rate of risk factor is determined by various factors including diet and lifestyle during pregnancy. When a woman has gestational diabetes during pregnancy yet she fails to seek necessary treatment for this condition, she is more at risk to give birth to bigger babies of more than 9 pounds. It is due to extra sugar in the blood of the mother that ends up in the fetus and makes the babies bigger