What Causes Gestational Diabetes We Must Know

What causes gestational diabetes is generally similar with the other types of diabetes mellitus causes. Gestational diabetes happens while the blood sugar level in the pregnant woman body increases into the abnormal level that has been fixed in medical world. Because of the gestational diabetes disease has a relation with the blood sugar level; the causes that make the pregnant women have this disease are mainly coming from the daily activities and dietary pattern. It is because those things that mentioned before is very influence for the blood sugar levels.

The common symptoms that come as the gestational diabetes are such like fingers and toes that of ten end tingling, numb, and stiff when moved. Gestational diabetes incidence rates of 1.9 to 3.6 of the number of pregnancies a woman.

What Causes Gestational Diabetes Know From the Symptoms

What causes gestational diabetes can be prevented. Therefore let us be aware of gestational diabetes is by knowing the signs or symptoms of gestational diabetes so that we are able to cope with gestational diabetes is not becoming more severe, due to gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnant women it can be permanent diabetes mellitus post partum.gestational diabetes diabetestic com

These are the symptoms and signs that can you know as the indication. Most common symptoms are polyuria is excessive urine volume so often have to have pee at high frequencies. Polydipsia is experiencing increased thirst so want continuous and excessive drinking. Weight loss and a sense of tired and lethargic, but diabetes type 2 did not experience weight loss.

Glycosuria that increased levels of sugar in the urine, and polyuria, causing dehydration and polyphagia bleak condition is a condition where a person experiences an increase in appetite. Blurred vision and infections of the skin area around the bladder and vagina area is also the symptom of gestational diabetes.

What Causes Gestational Diabetes That Impact the Baby And Mom

What causes gestational diabetes of course has the impact for the sufferer. The sufferer itself is the pregnant woman. In the other words, the impact of this gestational diabetes is attacking not only the mother but also the baby. The impact of this gestational diabetes for the mother such like the increasing of pre esclamsia and esclamsia risk for the pregnant mom.

Besides, it makes the urinary tract easily infected by bacteria. This also makes the birth process in high risk, usually the pregnant mom choose the Caesar process to prevent the risk. This disease also makes the sufferer get the risk of permanent diabetes mellitus after birth. The worst risk of this gestational diabetes is death after birth.

Besides of gestational diabetes that impacts the pregnant mom, this gestational diabetes also has several impacts for the baby. The baby growth will be disturbed by this disease because the disturbance of food supply from the mother to the baby. This disease also impacts the number of death baby during the pregnancy and also after birth.

This also makes the baby has the opportunity to have the diabetes mellitus disease for the future days. What causes gestational diabetes that you must know in order to have the healthier life.