Prevent it by Knowing: What are the Symptoms of Diabetes ?

Well, diabetes is one of the world’s deadliest diseases. So you also must know more about diabetes disease, what are the symptoms of diabetes, what is the cause of diabetes, what are the effect of diabetes, and many more. For that we must try to prevent this deadly disease.

Indeed descendant of diabetics have 6 times greater of diabetes risk, but we can prevent it in various ways. One of which is by way of a healthy life by consuming balanced nutrition foods. Beside that sports also an important factor in preventing diabetes.

There are many simple and easy exercises that you can do in the home, although you are busy person. Just take little exercise about 10 minutes everyday to help accelerate blood circulation. So, there are no longer any reasons to lazy exercise if you want to live healthier and avoid the danger of diabetes. Then follow our review below to know more about it.can type 2 diabetes turn into type 1

What are The Symptoms of Diabetes that We Must Know?

We know that symptoms of diabetes appear because some or all of the glucose stays in the blood. Glucose can be used by the body as fuel to convert into energy. But if blood glucose levels are too high or can not flow with the blood will cause diabetes.

Body tried to reduce blood glucose levels by throw it trough the urine. But if that does not work successfully then it will appear some of the symptoms of diabetes such as: more often passing urine than usual, especially at night, then will increased thirst and will feel very hungry even though you are eating.

The diabetes sufferer also will feel extreme tiredness.Beside that the sufferer of diabetes will have extreme weight loss and usually also feel the genital itching. Diabetes also can make the sufferer have slow in healing the cuts or scars. Then the diabetes sufferer also can feel blurred vision if she or he has this disease. Beside that some of diabetes sufferer also will feel pain, tingling, or numbness in the feet or hands.

Diabetes has 2 types, in type 1 the symptoms of diabetes are usually very obvious and develop very quickly. It just need over a few weeks to make the diabetes sufferer feels the symptoms. Then the second type, usually the symptoms of diabetes may not be so obvious and develop slowly over a period of years.

Then the diabetes sufferer should have routine medical check up to get well. So that, we should pay more attention about what are the symptoms of diabetes so we can prevent it as soon as possible.