Vanadyl Sulfate and Diabetes – The Metal Nutrients to Increase the Insulin

Medical treatment believes that vanadyl sulfate and diabetes is a good combination. It means that vanadyl sulfatecan increase the insulin need by diabetic in order to make the sugar blood level in stable level. vanadyl sulfate is a part of metal compound that is used as treatment way for diabetes. It is the stable metal that has oxidation process of vanadium.

The aim of vanadyl is to increase the receptor of insulin in order to make the cell of blood glucose goes well. The research mentions that giving deses 100mg vanadyl sulfate per day can control the glucose level and can improved the insulin. So that, it can be the alternative way for you, diabetic to keep your sugar blood in normal level.

The Effect of Long Period Consumption

diabetestic comEven this oral therapy is quite safe for diabetic, but there are also some side effects of this metal nutrient that you have to aware. You have to keep the hygienic of this supplement in order to avoid the other dangerous substances. When you consume vanadyl sulfate and diabetes in high doses for long period, it will effect to your healthy, it can effect to your lungs or liver and other organs.

Therefore, you have to consume it in stable doses as prescribed. Moreover, if the consumption of vanadyl sulfate is continued in long period and in high doses, it will kill the improvement of beta cell, DNA damage and hamper protein and nutrient.

Vanadyl Sulfate and Diabetes – The Oral Therapy to Increase Insulin

As researched that vanadium of vanadyl sulfate has benefits for diabetic. It can increase the insulin hormone that can help to recover the cell in controlling the sugar blood level in the body. This is a kind of oral therapy that is quite safe to do if you do not consume it for long period or consume in over doses. This supplement can be drunk or consumed by type II diabetes in the future and it also becomes the additional treatment.

For American diabetics, they usually provide doses 6 to 18mg of vanadium every day. This supplement of vanadium is provides in high doses as high 20mg. Vanadyl sulfate and diabetes is safe when it consumes in doses 75, 150 or 300mg per day for long period. If diabetic use higher doses, it will effect to the body, such as gastrointestinal disturbances.

The benefits of this oral therapy will be seen when the consumption of the supplement is stopped. Besides of consumption of this safety vanadyl sulfate, diabetics also have to control their healthy and their sugar blood level by doing exercise after meal, maintaining the diet and doing weight loss in order to control the deposit of fat that damage the insulin cell work.

Besides of that, vanadyl sulfate can also use to build the muscle. If you consume it in the right doses, you can manage the hardness of muscles and give you more energy.Vanadyl sulfate and diabetes is good news for diabetic, because there is an alternative to control the glucose in the blood.