Undetectable Symptoms of Prediabetes

Have you heard of prediabetes ? What are the symptoms of prediabetes ? These are some of the questions you might have wondered over the years especially if you are at the age above 45 years old. Prediabetesis a condition where your body’s blood levels are higher than normal and even though it’s not categorized as being diabetic yet; your body would not be able to manage the blood sugar levels any more.

This has become an increasing issue from time to time throughout the years. Most of the time prediabetes shown no symptoms of some sort, which makes some people doesn’t care at all about their health because they think that they are healthy.

If you think about it, just like cancer or any other diseases that are around; it is definitely better to detect it at early stage, than knowing at the end that you are in fact diabetic. Most importantly is so you could still treat your body in how to manage your blood sugar levels to become normal again. You might also wonder if you have any other symptoms of prediabetes inside your body, which is why doing a routine general check-up is highly advisable.prediabetes diabetestic com

Few Signs and Symptoms of PreDiabetes

There are a few signs and symptoms of prediabetes that you might want to know so you could treat it early. If you are at the group age of 45 years old and above or have any other family members with the line of being diabetic, there is nothing wrong with getting yourself checked up especially get tested for your sugar blood level to find out for sure.

Some people might also be overweight or obese, and then they might be in high risk of being diabetic also. Being overweight usually have a lot of disadvantages, other than physically you would be lazier to do anything; internally you could get diseases easier because your body would metabolize slower than a healthy body.

Symptoms of prediabetes don’t always show up like how diabetic patients would be, but they could be similar to it. Most of them would feel thirsty a lot of the time, with the increasing number of time going to the toilet to pee, feeling tired all the time and blurry sights. If you feel like some of these signs applied to you, there is nothing wrong with getting yourself checked up, whether it is general check-up for your body or even blood tests to find out the blood sugar level inside your body.

The cause of prediabetes itself is unknown until today and still being researched by scientists all over the world but with higher blood sugar levels, it is posed as symptoms of prediabetes which would definitely increase the chance of your body getting heart attacked or even stroke.

Usually these symptoms of prediabetes would increase so slowly that you wouldn’t even feel or realize there is anything wrong or different with your lives. The stage of prediabetes is the stage before someone is diagnosed with being diabetic itself. If you are one of this people, you might want to change the habit in what you eat, your sleeping pattern, and even exercise regularly along with regular general check-up and tests for your blood sugar levels.If you don’t change the habit of the food that you eat, in approximately 10 years or less you might be really diagnosed with being diabetic and that would be a bigger problem that it has already be.

Before you get into being diagnosed as diabetic, if you get some symptoms of prediabetes. You might want to do some prediabetes treatment, diet plans, and exercises regularly to increase the healthiness of your physical body.

You would want to at least do some routine exercise daily for about 30 minutes, and also you might want to lose weight for approximately 5-10% of your total body weight. An activity that you could do easily is to walk; this could be done easily even if you have a treadmill at home or not.

Walking should be a part of your life anyway, so adding a routine daily exercise of walking 30 minutes every morning or in the evening should not be a problem.

With changing the habit of lifestyle when you think you have the symptoms of prediabetes, your blood sugar level would go back to normal and instead of being diagnosed as being diabetic you would be as healthy as ever and could live even a longer healthier life.

It is definitely important to get yourself checked up so you could find out what is going on inside your body. Even if the test comes back with nothing wrong, it is better to prevent than to be sorry at the end.