Understanding Diabetes for a Better Health

Understanding diabetes is something that everybody should do, even those who have little chance of getting it. Lower your guard and you might get it without realizing it. For this reason, it is best for everybody know what diabetes is and what caused it. By knowing diabetes and how to prevent it, a live will be saved already.

Understanding Diabetes and its Kinds

The first step for understanding diabetes is to know what diabetes is. Insulin is a hormone that turns sugar/glucose into energy in the body. Diabetes is the condition where the body cannot produce insulin, not converting sugar into energy.diabetestic com

When the sugar is not turned into energy, it floats around in the blood, and this causes sugar level that is higher than the normal level. There are many types of diabetes, and to know the most common ones is another step understanding diabetes mellitus (long name of diabetes) better.

The most common types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. You must understand diabetes of both types. Understanding diabetes type 1 is not that hard, because it’s similar with the main cause of diabetes as a whole. However, for type 1, the pancreas that usually produces insulin stops producing it. When this happens, the body burns its own fat to create energy instead of the sugar.

The burning of fat can release harmful chemical into the body, and this condition can take a life. The more common diabetes, type 2 diabetes, is caused because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin for the body.

Understanding Diabetes: Conditions of Getting One and How to Prevent It

Understanding diabetes by its cause is not enough. Knowing the conditions of getting diabetes is also necessary because everyone has the risk of having it. As long the person has a relative who suffers from diabetes, that person has a chance of getting diabetes too. Diabetes is hereditary. Another cause of diabetes is obesity. Unhealthy lifestyle and too much processed food are not good for the health.

When a person has a diabetes hereditary trait, he has no choice but to change his lifestyle into a healthy one. He also needs to cut back on the amount of sugar he consumes to prevent excessive sugar in the blood. Eating vegetables and other healthy food will definitely improve the person’s body, and that can prevent diabetes to happen.

Even those who have diabetes are recommended to have a healthier lifestyle because it is proven that healthy lifestyle can lower one’s sugar level inside his body. Understanding diabetes is not the only thing we should do, but we should also prevent it by having a healthy lifestyle.