Type 3 Diabetes : Alzheimer’s Disease

Type 3 diabetes is the latest type of diabetes that was discovered recently. Actually, it is more like re-discovered because it turned out that this diabetes has existed since a long time, but nobody realized that it is actually a type of diabetes. Yes, people are cautious with this disease, but nobody thought that it would actually be a type of diabetes. Type 3 diabetes research showed that the disease is no other than the feared Alzheimer’s disease.

How are Type 3 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease the Same?

Before delving into the world of type 3 diabetes, it is better to know the early definition of Alzheimer’s disease first. Alzheimer’s was first discovered in 1906 by a scientist named Alois Alzheimer. Until now, Alzheimer’s has been categorized as a dementia. Dementia is a disease where a person slowly loses his memory and his cognitive ability as his age passes by. The person would lose everything starting from his language ability, speech ability, to his ability to remember things in long term.diabetestic com

If it is a type of dementia, then how can Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are called type 3 diabetes? During the late 2012, researchers found a mind-blowing fact about the brain: the brain also produces insulin. In fact, the brain needs insulin to create and store new memories.

Let alone storing memories, the brain will not be able to create new memories without off or the lack of insulin. This tragic condition of the brain is what is called as brain diabetes, the third and latest type of diabetes. After further research, it was found out that the latest type of diabetes also has the same symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease’s. The diabetic patient would have memory loss, and then he will have a hard time remembering language and speaking.

As time goes by, he will barely remember things at all. All of these symptoms of dementia, they are type 3 diabetes symptoms also. For this reason, the theory whether Alzheimer’s disease is a diabetes or not is no longer a speculation. It is a fact that Alzheimer’s disease is also another form of diabetes.

Who Can Get Type 3 Diabetes?

With the discovery of type 3 diabetes, now there is more risk for people to have Alzheimer’s disease. Before, the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is unknown, as the causes found by researchers are still theories until now. However, a person has more risk of being exposed to Alzheimer’s disease when he has someone in his family suffering from it. Although many suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, because of this fact itself, people thought that Alzheimer’s disease is a rare occurrence. Unfortunately, that theory is wrong now.

The discovery of the third type of diabetes made doctors and researchers realized that the people exposed to Alzheimer’s disease are a lot more than they thought. With the new discovery, those who suffer from type 2 diabetes have more chance to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, not to mention those who suffer from insulin resistance in their body.

Unfortunately, the cure for this diabetes is still unknown. However, there’s one thing for sure. Type 3 diabetes is dangerous, and the antidote needs to be found soon.