Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms in Women – Recognizing and Preventing the Early Symptoms

As mentioned before that diabetes can be risked to everyone, whether young, adult, man or woman. However, the thought of type 2 diabetes symptoms in women are not seen specifically is totally wrong. In fact, the symptoms of diabetes for women are more dangerous than men. The symptoms must be overcome rapidly in order to prevent other risk that may occur. Thus, women, you have to pay attention a lot about diabetes.

Women in productive stage are easier to get risk of diabetes. Women are known that they have special symptoms of type 2 diabetes, some of them are aware about the symptoms and the others are not. Here you go, some symptoms of type 2 diabetes that must be a concern.can type 2 diabetes turn into type 1

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms in Women – The Special Symptoms in Women

Actually, the symptoms of diabetes between man and women are quite similar, but there are some special type 2 diabetes symptoms in women that must be known carefully. The first is occurring vaginal infection, this symptom is really different with men, and thus women hardly notice this symptom. Second is hormonal damaging, due to productive stage of women, they will have much estrogen hormonal to prevent diabetes.

However, due to unhealthy lifestyle of women, the estrogen hormonal will be functioned properly. This habit will be the early symptoms of type 2 diabetes which is overweight. If the weight is far from ideal weight number and the abdominal circumference exceeds of 80cm, it can be indicated as the symptoms of diabetes type 2.

This is obesity problem that must be concern a lot by women, obesity is not about appearance problem only, but it is bout body metabolism of disease. The next symptom is depression or other psychological factor of women. The other symptoms are fungus infection and high density of lipoprotein cholesterol in body.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms in Women – A Plan for Pregnancy

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in women are usually seen over 40, but it increase in younger women. The younger women are easy to get risk of diabetes if they are obesity. It means that women with overweight already save the risk of type 2 diabetes in some years.

If you are type 2 diabetes sufferer and have a plan of pregnancy, you have to be more careful, because it will risk of your body and your baby then. Women who have high blood sugar level will likely gives birth the baby in low blood sugar level or it is called hypoglycemia.

For those of you who suffer type 2 diabetes may will hard to have healthy pregnancy, if you want get this you have to spend extra energy. You have to check to the doctor about your condition, how to maintain a high risk pregnancy. Insulin injection for type 2 diabetes pregnancy also needs to do in order to always control the blood sugar level in normal stage.

Well, to prevent more bad effect of type 2 diabetes symptoms in women, especially for when you get a plan for pregnancy, you also have to adjust your diet.