Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms in Men – Men and Diabetes

In the previous discussion, we already talked about type 2 diabetes symptoms in women, now we are going to discuss about type 2 diabetes symptoms in men. Since it is discussed in different article, thus the symptoms of women and men are quite different. As well as the women, men also have to be aware of the diabetes symptoms. It aims to prevent bad risk in the future.

Before we go on the main discussion, men also have to know about what is type 2 diabetes. It is the level of diabetes where the body still can produce insulin, but the insulin cannot work properly in maintaining blood sugar level, thus body has high blood glucose.

Type 2 diabetes Symptoms in Men – The Common Symptoms of Men

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in men are quite different with women, even there will be some similarity symptoms, but there will be some specific symptoms that occur to men’s body. The first symptom is thirsty often and cannot resist the urination. This is one of the common symptoms of men, because of high blood glucose in the body. The dehydration makes men become thirsty often. The next symptom is weight lose drastically and more fatigue.tools and product diabetestic

The main reason of weigh lose is the inability of body in transforming blood glucose to be energy for doing activity. Next is the damage of nerve system, the increase of blood sugar in the body makes nerve damage, especially for peripheral nerve. In another explanation, men will get numbness on the legs and another body organ and also tingling sensation in the nerve.

The other early symptom of men is erectile dysfunction. Diabetes will effect in the penis nerve area because of the high deposit level of blood glucose in this area. Men will also experience in visual disturbances, this is also the common complain of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms in Men – The Treatment

There are some ways in preventing diabetes to be more dangerous after you have known about type 2 diabetes symptoms in men. There are two types of treatments, those are conventional and herbs treatment. The conventional treatment is medical term where the diabetes sufferer has to do insulin injection in order to get insulin supplies to control the blood sugar.

The scientific research shows that herbs treatment id more effective in healing the type 2 diabetes more than medical treatment. The herbs relatively do not have toxic and side effect, because it uses natural ingredients.

Herbs treatment does not mean that it does not contain of chemical ingredients, but the content is lower. The conventional medical treatment contents higher chemical ingredients, it has more side effects if it consumes for long term.

The herbs ingredients that can be best way to increase insulin and control the blood sugar are mangos-teen peel and sour-sop leaves. Both are safe to consume without significant side effects.

Mangos-teen and sour-sop leaves have some substance that can improve the insulin, repair the pancreas cell and control the blood sugar into normal level. Types 2 diabetes symptoms in men also can be prevent by doing diet treatment and adjusting healthy lifestyle.