Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – Recognizing and Preventing Diabetes

If you are detected as pre- diabetes where your blood sugar level is higher than normal level, in this case you have to do type 2 diabetes prevention. Why you have to do prevention? It is because pre-diabetes has high possibility turns to diabetes positively. Type 2 diabetes attacks to adult more than 25 years old.

The cause of this type is the insulin resistance, the body is actually produce insulin but it cannot work properly in maintaining the blood sugar in the body. This disease will be easily happened to a person who has overweight or obesity. Therefore do not let your body suffer diabetes. You have to change your habit into healthy lifestyle.

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – The Ways of Preventing

To prevent your body of type 2 diabetes, there are some ways you have to do. Type 2 diabetes prevention is the way and treatment that must be done if you do not want to get more bad risk of this disease. These ways are really simple to do, the point is healthy lifestyle. This is the way to produce and optimize the insulin in the body in order to control the blood sugar levels. Here we go the prevention ways; first weigh lose.food and drink diabetestic com

As mentioned before that overweight will gain diabetes, therefore you have to do weigh lose, at least you have ideal weigh in your age. Try to do exercises regularly, such as swimming, jogging, riding bicycle. Those exercises have aims to burn the fat deposit in order to stabilize the blood sugar level.

Second, consume much fiber to exchange the consumption of carbs and sugar. The fiber can be found in wheat and red rice, stop consuming rice which has much carb and sugar contains.

Third, consume high protein and nutrient. You can find protein and nutrient in salmon to increase the work of cell in your body in order to optimize the pancreas in producing insulin.

Then, adequate rest also important, you have to take a rest at least 7 to 8 hours per day. The last is avoiding stress and depressed, it must be avoid because when you are stress your body will release sugar substance.

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – Identifying Type 2 Diabetes

Besides of type 2 diabetes prevention that has mentioned above in order to prevent it to be more dangerous, there is another way in order to prevent this disease. The other way is identifying the symptoms. The symptoms you have to be aware are frequent of urination, this is because of high blood sugar level in the body that cannot be optimized, and thus it is released through urine.

Next symptom is excessive hunger because of insulin resistance that cannot control the brain to withstand hunger. If some of you experience dramatic weight dropped with diet program, you have to be aware, it can be indicated as diabetes symptom. Then, do not forget to always check your blood sugar level routine, at least 3 times per month; this is also the effective way of type 2 diabetes prevention.