Type 2 Diabetes Diet Guidelines, What Should I Eat ?

For patients with type 2 diabetes, they have to plan their type 2 diabetes diet plan correctly because it would depend on the quality of the food itself that needs to be consumed not how much food they have to consume to keep them healthy.

With this being said, carbohydrates, fat and protein still have to be included in all the food combination in the diet plan itself and also with proper care of quality of the food. They will have to make sure that the intakes of carbohydrates, fat, protein have to be planned carefully because they could help in reducing the fat inside the body, normalize the blood sugar levels and also lessen the chance that they would get heart failure.

type 2 diabetes dietFood and Intake Criteria in Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan

Some of the carbohydrate intake has to be combined in your type 2 diabetes diet plans, such as fruits, vegetables, peas, pods, and nuts. These types of foods are very rich in minerals, vitamins and also fiber. Fiber has to be one of the best intake diabetic patients might want to consume because they lessen the respond of insulin to food, lower the blood sugar level and could fill you up faster so you wouldn’t feel like you want to eat all the time. It could also increase the healthiness and productivity of your big intestines.

Nuts could also be included and consumed in your type 2 diabetes diet plan, as long as the intake is measured well because they are proven to be high in fiber, could increase the function of insulin, and healthy fat in them. They do have a lot of calories in them which are why they have to be measured properly so you don’t consume them more than you are supposed to.

When measured properly such as a handful of them, they could be really helpful in keeping your body healthy with all the nutrients they have in them even though you are diagnosed with diabetes.

Fat intakes are definitely needed by your body especially if you have Type 2 diabetes because they could help with the cells structure, keeping your blood pressure stable, and keeping your immune system normal in your body. For diabetic patients, the perfect oil would be monounsaturated fat that is contained in olive oil and canola oil. This type of fat contained in these oils could help lessen the resistance of insulin and accelerate the blood inside your body to flow better.

Polyunsaturated fat are also good to be consumed by people that are diabetic because they contain omega 3 that is very much needed for the body that could be found in food such as fish, soybeans, and clams. Therefore, it is good enough in putting those foods above inside your type 2 diabetes diet plan.

To be able to fix the cells inside your body, build more immune system, build the muscles, produce red blood cells hormones, and keeping your body healthy in general, you would definitely need some protein intakes to go along with your type 2 diabetes diet plans. Patients that are diagnosed with diabetes would want to consume foods such as egg, meat, fish, milk products, nuts and grains. They might want to avoid eating potatoes or rice after consuming cakes or other sweet foods for type 2 diabetes diet plans. Sweet foods definitely can’t be overly consumed because they won’t be good for the body especially if they are diabetic.

Other than planning the proper type 2 diabetes diet for people with diabetes type 2, they would also have to organize the timing for them to consume the food itself. Those foods have to be consumed regularly with the proper timing also. It is highly recommended that diabetic patients to not skip the most important meal of the day which is breakfast.

For breakfast, you might want to start your day with a cup of tea; for lunch you might want to consume food that are not too high in carbohydrate, you could add some fruits and vegetables for your lunch to make you even more full. With your last meal of the day and before you sleep you could add a glass of non-fat milk also to keep your body healthy and balanced in all the nutrients.

All in all, patients with diabetes would really have to reduce the consumption of sweet food such as cakes or candies and consume healthier food such especially food that are in high in fiber, carbohydrate and protein. In other words, they have to start their diabetes diet based on the type which is diagnosed on their body such as, type 2 diabetes diet plans for type 2 diabetes patients.

You would definitely have to measure all the sugar levels from food that you consume so that when they go inside your body, your blood sugar levels don’t go high in a sudden but consistently and progressively.