Type 2 Diabetes Definition – What is this?

Diabetes is a kind of disease which is caused by increased level of blood glucose in the body. Due to there is no insulin production to exchange glucose to be energy. There are two types of diabetes; type 1 and type 2. In this article, we are going to give you detail information about type 2 diabetes definition.

The definition of this disease (Diabetes) is important to everyone, since diabetes can effect to everyone, whether young or adult. The condition of diabetes type 2 or well known as non insulin independent DM is a disease which is caused due to insulin resistance in the body. The pancreas cell cannot produce insulin, thus effect to uncontrolled blood sugar level.

Type 2 Diabetes Definition – The causative Factors

Based on type 2 diabetes definition that already mentioned above, and then there are some causative factors which trigger this disease that must be known by everyone. Diabetes type 2 is a kind of disease that can be inherited of family member, so if there are some family members have diabetes, the descendants will suffer it automatically. Diabetes type 2 is easy to inherit from between family member than diabetes type 2. Then, the next factor is weight, a person who overweight or obesity will easy to get risk of diabetes type 2.can type 2 diabetes turn into type 1

Moreover, a person who has high cholesterol level also have big risk of this disease, because the fat deposits and blood glucose in is the abnormal level. Third factor is, unhealthy lifestyle have big risk of diabetes type 2. Less of exercise and consume unhealthy diet are unhealthy lifestyle that must be changed. The fourth factor is, a woman who gives birth a child weighing more than 4.5 kg has a tendency of diabetes type 2.

The last, as the main causative factor of diabetes type 2 is having blood sugar over the normal level, it means that this person is diagnosed as pre-diabetes and has big risk to be diabetes within 10 years periods.

Type 2 Diabetes Definition – The Treatment Principal

Type 2 diabetes definition in this discussion also provides you detail information about the treatment principal of diabetes type 2. The oral treatment is considered to be the most effective treatment to control the blood sugar levels by some people, but it not always like this. Insulin injection can be done by some of diabetes in order to lower blood sugar level, but the injection of insulin for long term will give side effect for the body.

The next treatment is the herbal treatment for diabetes type 2. It is called as the most effective treatment, since there is no side effect that will be given. With this effective treatment, you will get some good benefits. Besides has not side effect, this treatment also no need much budget.

As everyone know about diabetes type 2 definition that it cannot produce insulin properly to control blood sugar level, by consuming herbs of Mangos-teen and sour-sop leave are believed to stabilize the insulin production.