Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Medication to Control the Blood Sugar

Many people have opinions that only type1 diabetes takes the insulin, but, however, they don’t understand that type 2 diabetes and insulin medication is also needed. Even though, type 2 diabetes can produce their own pancreatic hormone but sometimes they do not produce enough to control the blood sugar or you can say it insulin deficiency.

Another case is if the body unable to use its own insulin or you can say it as insulin resistance. Although not all type 2 diabetes need it. However, it becomes a good treatment to lower the risk of any further health issue.

Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a condition when human body rejects its own insulin which produced by a part of pancreas which located behind the stomach. It leads the body can not break the glucose properly. As, the result a type 2 diabetes patients need the out take insulin. It is not usual for patients with type 2 diabetes use insulin as their medication. They usually take oral medication such as pills and it is just enough for them.food drink deiabetestic com

However, the combination of oral medication and insulin become a magic concoction for type 2 diabetes patients. Since, the mixture of those can lower the dose of insulin from the outside. Moreover, it also can reduce such unwanted weight gain. It is true that this treatment cannot cure type 2 diabetes. But with a proper treatment using insulin, type 2 diabetes and insulin problems can be handled to control the blood sugar into the normal level.

Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Deficiency

Different with type 1 diabetes that cannot produce insulin at all, type 2 diabetes can produce it even in a lack portion it is called insulin deficiency. The supply of insulin from part of pancreas is not enough to maintain it works like it should. Based on personal physical condition, in this kind of case by changing your lifestyle into health lifestyle such as good diet and exercise combine with pills you can control your blood sugar into the normal level.

However, this type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease. Even today it is enough for the patients to only apply such healthy lifestyle, but by the increasing of age your pancreas work will slow down. You take it or not, you need, at the end, they need insulin treatment to take care their type 2 diabetes and insulin matter.

Type 2 diabetes create two unique condition, which is on one side the body unable to use its own insulin, and another side, the body get not enough supply of insulin the maintain its function as the breaker sugar into glucose. It also has a function as a carries to take sugar from the blood into the cell.

The Type 2 diabetes can be handled by combining a healthy lifestyle and pills medication. Even on further condition insulin treatment is needed by the slowing down of pancreas function. Being positive is also important as addition medication for type 2 diabetes and insulin matters.