Type 1 Diabetes Prevention – The Prevention Diabetes for Children

For those of you who already diagnose as pre diabetes, in this time you have to be aware about type 1 diabetes prevention. Preventing this type of diabetes is actually hard to do, but paramedic research some ways to find how the way to prevent diabetes type 1.

As you know that type 1 is believed as auto immune disease where the system of immune itself ruin body’s cells which produce insulin in the pancreas. Actually, there is no reason why this disease happened, but the big fact show that genetic and environmental is the main factors of this disease.

Type 1 Diabetes Prevention – How to Prevent it

There is a term of “better to prevent than cure”, this term is actually suitable for those of you who suffer type 1 diabetes in order to not make it worse or prevent transmitting it to the child, since this disease is influenced by genetic factor. The factor of diet is researched as the main risk of this type of diabetes; and then the next consideration that should pay attention is about the prevention ways. As you know that diabetes can be suffered by any ages, so you have to prevent it to your child if you already suffered diabetes. The first way of type 1 diabetes prevention for your child it is breast-feed, in some researches breast-fees has a connection with decreased risk of type 1 diabetes.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

The long duration while breast-feeding can be the main key to low the risk. It can protect the body immune from infection and prevent the body from food allergies. Then, avoid the cow’s milk, it is diagnose has high risk of diabetes. Some children who suffered of diabetic type 1 have high antibodies of certain protein which contains in cow’s milk. Last is avoid gluten food, this contains in some foods, such as barley, rye and wheat. Do not give those foods of gluten to your baby under 3 month or after 7 month, the consumption of cereal have high risk of diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes Prevention – Preventing with Treatment

The intervention of diet and lifestyle are important for all diabetes sufferers. The education to keep blood glucose in the body is the main component that must be done by diabetic. For all diabetes types, controlling the blood glucose routine is believed can low the risk of complication. To do type 1 diabetes prevention, there are some treatments that can be done. This treatment prevention can low the blood glucose of the body and prevent it to be more dangerous to the higher level of diabetes.

The main point is nutrients therapy, since your children cannot prepare or understand about the food nutrients, you have to pay attention of them. You have to know the kinds of carbs which effects of blood glucose. The simple diet to reduce blood glucose is through carbs consumption, you have to reduce rice consumption. This is one of simple way of type 1 diabetes prevention to reduce glucose levels.