Type 1 Diabetes Insulin – The Therapy for Diabetes

The main goal of type 1 diabetes insulin is maintaining the blood sugar into normal level, but to get normal sugar blood level is actually hard to do even the diabetes sufferer do insulin injection regularly. However, getting closer to the normal stage can reduce the risk of diabetes complication for short term or even long term. Doing insulin therapy will not overcome it properly; you also have to maintain and adjust your diet and lifestyle.

Type 1 Diabetes Insulin – Therapy of Insulin Injection

Type 1 diabetes, pancreas cannot produce insulin properly, so that the body needs insulin replacement. Insulin can be given through injection process; it is destroyed in the gastric so that it cannot be given in oral. Insulin is injected underneath the skin into the fat layer; usually it is done on arm, thigh or stomach. The injection uses very small needle in order to decrease pain. In medical term, insulin has four basic forms, each has different benefit.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

The first is rapid act insulin, for example is regular insulin which is work fast in lowering the blood sugar level. The time that need to decrease it is 20 minutes and it works for 5 to 8 hours. This injection process is done in 15 to 20 minutes before eating. The second is mid ac insulin, it begins to work in 1 to 3 hours and get maximum in 6 to 10 hours, while it can works for 18-26 hours.

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This insulin injection is based for those who have high activities for whole day. It can be injected in the night. Third is low act insulin, the effect of injection is seen and worked in 28-36 hours after injecting. The last type 1 diabetes insulin is insulin combination of mid and low.

Those insulin injection process are needed for those who suffer type 1 diabetes, you can choose the best insulin injection form based on your need. The doses of injection insulin is depend on each the blood sugar level, so that you have to do a confirmation to the doctor if you want do insulin injection.

Type 1 Diabetes Insulin – The Side Effect

Even insulin is needed for the body in order to help blood sugar level turns to normal level, but insulin also has side effect if it is used in long term. The first side effect of type 1 diabetes insulin is hypoglycemia, this is the dangerous complication. It can be happened if there is no balance between insulin doses, diet and exercise.

The research is done for 25% to 70% diabetic who often done insulin injection, there are indentations underneath the skin because of the needle. Then, the other side effect is local allergic, it is happened because the insulin is less of pure. The local reaction of erythematous in injected area, it will be happened around 10 minutes to hours.

The reaction if insulin injection can be happened for some weeks. The local inflammation is easy happened if the needle is not sterile and poor skin cleanser. Use antiseptic that will affects sensitivity on your skin to reduce the reaction or type 1 diabetes insulin.