Type 1 Diabetes in Adults and Its Complication

Causes factors of type 1 diabetes in adults are similar with type 1 diabetes in children. The basic difference is the disease is diagnosed in adult patients. These symptoms can occur in adults aged over 20 years. In adults the symptoms are limp, less passionate, frequent urination, easily hungry, and loss of sexual desire. Patients may also experience the advanced symptoms if not immediately consult a doctor.

The advanced symptoms are stomachache, shortness of breath, nausea, vomit, even coma that can lead to death. Some cases show that diabetes can cause impotence in men. In women, the disease affects the health condition of the fetus during pregnancy. It can also cause early menopause in women. Do not dismiss symptoms because it can be fatal for your health.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

Type 1 diabetes in adults and its preventions

People usually lose the spirit of life immediately when diagnosed with diabetes especially for those with type 1 diabetes in adults. The disease because of gene cannot be avoided. One thing that can be done is to prevent the disease to not showing up and disturbing the daily activities. First prevention, see and learn about family medical history. If there is one parent or grandparent who has diabetes, it means you are also at risk for diabetes.

Second, if you already know the risks, be optimistic in life as a great self-motivation is very important for your health. Third, live a healthy lifestyle. Run a diet program for diabetes and exercise regularly. Fourth, consult your doctor regularly so that the risk of diabetes can be reduced from an early.

Type 1 diabetes in adults and its complications

Never underestimate the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in adults. There are several types of diabetes patients in this world. There are patients who have high motivation to recover. But there are many people who still do not run the doctor’s orders after they were diagnosed with diabetes. They are the ones who end up suffering complications caused by diabetes.

This complication happens because blood sugar levels are increasingly out of control. This happens to patients who neglect the doctor orders that require undergoing a diet program for diabetes. They cannot resist the desire to eat foods that are prohibited, such as high calorie food and beverage.

Diabetes is just a trigger, the lifestyle that should be changed and improved. The most frequent are complications in the kidneys, heart, nerves to the brain. Kidney failure, heart attacks and strokes become advanced disease of the complications of diabetes. It is very bad thing, right?

Many diabetic patients have to undergo body amputation. It begins with a wound on the arm or leg that eventually rots because high sugar level inhibits the wound healing process. If you want to avoid the complications, you should begin to apply the self-discipline from now.

Thank for your life by caring and keeping your health. Type 1 diabetes in adults is preventable and treatable as long as there is a strong motivation in the patients.