Type 1 Diabetes Diet

Until today, there is really no medicine that can cure diabetes and its type like Type 1 diabetes so, you would have to go for a diet plan for the rest of your life to keep it under control and keep your blood sugar levels normal. Most of this type 1 disease usually hits people under the age of 20 years old.

Other than doing regular exercises daily and changing your lifestyle to a healthier one, you might want to follow a Type 1 diabetes diet plan if you are diagnosed with this type of disease. People that are diagnosed with this type of disease have to plan really carefully in what food they put inside their body to control their blood sugar level and carbohydrate.

Types of Food to go with Type 1 Diabetes Diet Plan

A Type 1 diabetes diet would include food that is low in fat and in their sugar levels, such as food that is high in fiber, nuts and other type of food that is filled with vitamins, vegetables, fruits, low fat milk, yoghurt, and fish. These type of foods could lower your blood sugar levels and also healthy to be consumed for a longer and healthier life. These foods combined perfectly with regular daily exercises and enough sleep could definitely help you in managing your body to still be healthy and controllable blood sugar levels.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

It is highly advised to have a definiteType 1 diabetes diet plan for diabetic patients diagnosed by type 1 diabetes, and better if consulted with their doctors first for a healthy combination of food that they could consume.

Foods that are in fiber such as wheat bread and red rice are perfect for people with diabetes because not only they are filled with carbohydrate they also give the intake of other nutrients and vitamins. Green vegetables are also perfect to be included in the diet plan itself because they are filled with a lot of vitamins in them. You might want to avoid putting too much sugar when cooking them though.

You might want to also consume some fruit for your Type 1 diabetes diet, not in the way that they are juiced but the fruit as a whole itself because other than they are filled with lots of vitamins; they are also full with fiber that is good for the body of patients with diabetes. Actually if you prefer to have them juiced, you still can just not to add any other ingredients like milk or sugar in them, just the fruits themselves.

All of the fruits can be consumed without hesitation even though they are sweet because the sugar that would go into your body is not artificial sugar but the sugar from the fruits themselves that are still fresh and contains a lot of vitamins.

You could still also combine some meat and fish inside your Type 1 diabetes diet plan; you just have to be really careful in picking which meat and how to process them. If you choose chicken for your meat to be included in your diabetes diet plan, it is highly advised that you separate the skin of the chicken itself so you are only consuming the meat of the chicken itself.

If you choose to pick beef for your meat intake you might want to remove fat that they have as well so you don’t accidentally eat them because they contain a lot of fat that is not good for your body. You might also want to cook them grilled or boiled with less oil as possible and not fry them.

If you are used to consuming milk, you could still include them in your Type 1 diabetes diet plan also. You just have to pick low fat milk or yoghurt instead of normal milk for your intake. Other than that, you will have to make sure that there is no added sugar in them.

Yoghurt usually have natural sweetness in them so they are not so much to be worried about for patients with diabetes, but they still don’t close the possibilities that they have artificial sweetness contained in them. Most of the time though, artificial sweetness have less calories than real sugar, so things like this are not to be worried about so much as a consumption for Type 1 diabetes diet.

By consuming some of these food stated above and combined properly in a Type 1 diabetes diet plan for patients with diabetes along with healthier living lifestyle and daily regular exercises, you could definitely live a longer and healthier life even with the disease inside your body. You would be able to still keep your blood sugar levels in control and eat some of the nice food that is healthy and good for your body to consume.