Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Based on Its Characteristics

Type 1 diabetes diagnosis is usually based on the patients’ age when they are diagnosed with diabetes for the first time. Basically, all types of diabetes are related with blood sugar levels which are not stable in the body. How can blood sugar be uncontrolled? The answer is because the body cannot produce insulin as much as needed so that blood sugar is increasing.

Pancreas is the body insulin-producing organ. People who suffer from type 1 diabetes, having problems with pancreas function. This can be caused by various factors. In general, the genetic and lifestyle factors become the most significant causes of Diabetes Mellitus.

The urine of diabetics is usually sweet because it contains excess sugar. Therefore, do not be surprised if in some cases you see a lot of ants in the bathroom that are interested in the sweet taste of piss.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

Type 1 diabetes diagnosis according to its symptoms

Type 1 diabetes is usually difficult to diagnose. This is because this type is a genetic abnormality from birth. First diagnosis is based on the age of the patients. Most of type 1 diabetes patients aged fewer than 30.

The second is based on the physical body of the patients. Usually, they are diminutive and thin. Since its symptoms are difficult to predict, type 1 diabetes diagnosis only can be made after examination by a doctor.

Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and its causes

Type 1 diabetes diagnosis will help us to identify the main causes of this disease. The foods we eat every day contain the high calories. In the body, these calories will be modified and elaborated. One of its elaborated products is glucose. It will be supplied to the entire body then burned into energy. One organ that plays an important role is pancreas. It produces insulin that becomes the main hormone to distribute the sugar throughout the body. Type 1 diabetes patients have a malfunction pancreas.

Therefore, there is a heap of sugar in the body that causes diabetes mellitus. After diagnosing the type and the cause factors, doctor will give insulin injections to reduce blood sugar levels. Type 1 diabetes can only be suppressed using the insulin that is injected or pumped into the body.

Type 1 diabetes cannot be handled with oral medicine. If one of the parents has diabetes, it can be ascertained that the child is risked in the same disease. All that you need is to maintain the diabetes diet program and change the lifestyle. Since diabetesmake the immune system decreases, the patient should have a regular schedule of exercise and rest.

Heart will beat fast and the body can suddenly limp, sweating, easily hungry when blood sugar is increasing. This can happen at any time without any significant symptoms. Having insulin at home is very helpful because you can directly perform first aid if the symptoms of diabetes attack you.Based on type 1 diabetes diagnosis from the doctor, it just comprises 15% of the total number of diabetics.