Type 1 Diabetes Cure – Kinds of Diabetic Treatments

Many chronic diabetics are looking for the best way or treatment for type 1 diabetes cure, ranging from medical treatment to herbs. This is actually a stage where the body is in really bad condition and diabetic becomes really chronic. In this case the pancreas cannot produce the insulin, the important hormone that helps the cells change glucose to be energy. Without the pancreas cell, glucose will deposit in the blood and reach to the dangerous level.

Therefore, diabetes type 1 has to do insulin injection to help the healing process during the lifetime. Insulin injection is known as the main helper for diabetic type 1, because there is no exact medication for complete diabetes cure.

Type 1 Diabetes Cure – The Herbs Treatment

For you who do not want to do medical treatment due to the cost which is expensive, you can turn to herbs treatment. Herbs diabetes treatment is relatively easy and cheap more than medical term, moreover there is no side effect form this treatment and it is safe to consume for long term, since it uses natural ingredient. The best herbal ingredients that are used for type 1 diabetes cure is Mangos-teen and sour-sop leaf.type 1 diabetes diabetestic com

The use of extract mangos-teen peel is well known as diabetic herbal medicine, because it contains of some supplement that is need for the body. Antioxidant in this fruits is effective to repair the pancreas cell in order to produce insulin, so that the blood sugar level in the body can be controlled. Moreover, mangos-teen also can be used to reduce the cholesterol in the blood and increase the body immune.

Beside of Mangos-teen, sour-sop leaf also effective to increase the body immune, there are lots of exiting content of this natural ingredient, such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium, fructose and alkaloids. It has function to increase the pancreas system to produce insulin.

Type 1 Diabetes Cure – The Medical Treatment of Insulin

For type 1 diabetes cure, insulin is everything, since the body cannot produce the insulin anymore. Insulin is needed for the body to help the body in processing the blood sugar turn to be energy and also control the blood sugar level into normal stage. Based on medical treatment, insulin injection is a must for diabetic type 1. The insulin injection is used to keep the blood glucose and the injection also must be done as much as possible.

Injecting much insulin will decrease the blood glucose; it will become dangerous if it drops drastically. To overcome the reaction of insulin, you have to take around 15 gram of carbohydrate in order to make the blood glucose up again.

Besides of insulin injection, there is also insulin pump, the work of this treatment is providing insulin through small hose and inserted to the skin and it will release the insulin around an hour. This is the alternative way of injected insulin. The insulin pump will help type 1 diabetic cure keep the blood sugar level to be stable with more flexible performance, because you are possible to create of food plan menus rather than injected insulin.