Traveling When You Have Diabetes – Safety Tips for Diabetic

Traveling when you have diabetes is a kind of difficult thing, because you need some special preparation in order to keep your health. Traveling is very interesting for many people, but it can be annoying thing for diabetic. The difference of weather, time and food in another area while traveling will effect to the health, it can increase blood sugar level directly.

Moreover, stress while traveling also can be the trigger rising of sugar blood levels. Therefore, diabetic needs to do well travel preparation before travelling. Well preparation will help you to stay healthy and you can always control you blood glucose. If you ignore this important step when you go travel, then your holiday will be a bad thing.

Traveling When You Have Diabetes – Things That Need To be Prepareddiabetestic com

First thing you have to do for traveling when you have diabetes is plan the traveling carefully. It is really important in deciding the travel destination, time to travel and food. It will effect with your sugar blood stability. Then, before go to travel, you have to visit your doctor to control your health. Check your blood glucose, set time to eat, set the menu and medicine that must be taken during the traveling. You have to make sure that you bring all of your need based on your doctor suggestion.

Next, you have to identify yourself that you have diabetes, such us using bracelet in order to make another people know your disease. Diabetics may experience disturbances while traveling, it is better if you do health insurance in case to prevent bad thing while traveling. Choose the insurance company that fix on you, a company that will guarantee your safety while traveling. Do not forget to prepare the medicine in your travel bag, to prevent lose of diabetes medicine, put your medicine in another travel bag. The last, prepared low food calories in order to control your sugar blood level and do not forget to prepare the doses of insulin.

Traveling When You Have Diabetes – Things That You have To Bring

After finishing the preparation thing before traveling, now you have to put on your bag what kind of things you have to bring for traveling when you have diabetes. Do not miss anything you need, recheck your bag after preparation finish. First thing you have to bring is diabetes measuring tool. Whatever of transportation types, whether airplane, or bus you have to take diabetes measure. You have to back up insulin injection. You have to make sure the insulin is store in freezer container.

When you do travel, it is automatically increase your physical activity and disturb your blood glucose, therefore you have to bring glucose tablet. You can drink the tablet glucose when your blood glucose getting low. You also have to bring mineral water to help you while drink the medicine. Do not bring another kind of drinking water while traveling, such as soda or alcohol.

The last tips to be safe while traveling when you have diabetes is always bring high protein meal by yourself.