The Fundamental of Insulin – Making Artificial Insulin for Diabetes

The fundamental of insulin it is the most important part that should be known by paramedics who will make artificial insulin for diabetes. The artificial insulin is really needed by diabetics because their body cannot produce the insulin properly, but they need insulin for their body a lot in order to stabilize blood glucose. The paramedics say that if you want control the blood sugar into normal level, so you have to control the insulin as well.

Insulin is one of hormone that is produced by beta cell of pancreas. Insulin is also known as the protein that is used to control the sugar blood levels in the body. Therefore, health technology creates artificial insulin in order to help diabetics improve their insulin. Besides of creating artificial insulin, diabetics are also recommended to consume some kinds of food that can increase the level of insulin.diabetestic com

The Fundamental of Insulin – How to Make Genetic Modified of Insulin

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Before the presence of synthesis insulin or genetic modified to create insulin, this hormone only can be produced by pancreas extraction pigs and cows, therefore there are only view insulin that can be got. After the synthesis insulin process in biotechnology create artificial insulin that really similar with human insulin, there are lots of diabetics which are helped in improving the insulin needs.

In the first step of making insulin, the paramedic isolates the plasmid of E coli. Plasmid is one of the genetic materials of bacteria of small circular of DNA. Besides of plasmid, the bacteria also has chromosome.

The uniqueness of plasmid is it can go in or out into from the body and often exchange between bacteria. The next of the fundamental of insulin that should be done in second stage is plasmid that has been isolated is cut in particular segments using restriction endo nucleases.

While the DNA is isolated from pancreas cells to get segments coding and the cutting process is use the same enzyme. Then, the DNA is connected with plasmid with DNA ligase enzyme. The recombinant DNA is resaved in bacteria cell.

The Fundamental of Insulin – How to Store Insulin

The artificial insulin which is stored in containers must be stored properly to keep its hygienic. The components of insulin will be stable when it saves properly in refrigerator in 2 until 8 degree Celsius in enclosed and sealed condition. The insulin cannot be placed in freezer; the freeze insulin cannot be used anymore. Insulin that is being used can be stored in fresh room temperature around 25 degrees Celsius. If this action is done, the fundamental of insulin component will not be functioned properly

In storing the insulin, you have to avoid place the insulin in high temperature or the hottest sunlight. The insulin that is exposed by the sunlight in long time will be decomposed and the color will be change to be yellow. This is defective insulin that cannot be used.

Do not store the insulin in high room temperature or closed room, such as in the car or placed above TV. The fundamental of insulin above must be known by diabetic in order to know the benefits and way of use.