Test for Diabetes, the Best Way to Prevent the Complication

Test for diabetes is the best way to prevent the complication of diabetes and can help reduce the risk of this disease. If we already know the causes, the symptoms, and the impact of diabetes, so from this moment we must guard against this deadly disease.

We can prevent and reduce the risk due to diabetes in various ways. In addition to have healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise and eating of balanced nutritious food, we also must immediately do medical check-up if we feel the symptoms of diabetes.

Get the Treatment Quickly Can Reduce The Diabetes Risks

tools and product diabetesticIf we felt some symptoms of diabetes such as increased thirsty and hungry, has unexplained weight loss, passing urine more than usual, or feel tingling or pain on the hands or feet, we must quickly has the diabetes test. In medical treatment, there are two types of the diabetes test.

There are fasting plasma glucose test and then casual plasma glucose test. These tests are doing to diagnose the diabetes types 2 or non-insulin dependent diabetes. Then to know more detail about the test, check the following information below.

2 Types of test for diabetes

There are two types of diabetes test, fasting plasma glucose and casual plasma glucose test. In the fasting plasma glucose test we will know the level of blood sugar. Before take the blood glucose test the patients not allowed to eat at least 8 hours.

Many doctors that treat diabetes prefer the fasting plasma glucose test than other test because it is easy to do. Beside that this test also convenient and cheaper than other tests.

Normal fasting blood glucose is between 70 – 100 mg/dL. Then if the test results show a blood sugar level greater than or equal to 126mg/dL then the patient has been diagnosed as diabetes.

For casual plasma glucose test, the patients are allowed to eat because this method do not pay attention to the time of patient’s last meal. And then if the test result is greater than 200 mg/dL, then it indicates the patient has diabetes.

Then if the patients have had indicated for diabetes, they should get treatment and medical check up as soon as possible. It can help reduce the risk of diabetes and can prevent the complications of diabetes. So that immediately gets the test for diabetes if you have felt the symptoms.