Symptoms of Diabetes Type 2

There are a fewsymptoms of diabetes type 2 that could be recognized early because this disease could be passed down genetically by your other family members. So if your parents or grandparents have this type of particular disease, it is a good idea for you to get yourself checked to see if you have them in your genes also or not.

Even with this being said, there is also ways for preventing this to happen to you if any of your family members are diabetic. If you do your daily exercises regularly, consume your vitamins intake regularly, they could prevent your body from getting this type of disease in the long run.

Differences Between Diabetes Type 1 and Symptoms of Diabetes Type 2

The symptoms of diabetes type 2 is started when your body couldn’t process the blood sugar level properly which would lead to your hormone inside your body being unstable and your health could deteriorate. In early stages, they won’t really show and have much impact on your body other than you losing your appetite in eating food or you would get tired easily but on chronic stages, this type of disease could have more of a serious effect to your body such as making your kidneys unable to perform the tasks that they are supposed to do which could lead into death and product diabetestic

One of the biggest differences between symptoms of type 1 and the symptoms of diabetes type 2 is on the insulin. In type 1, the disease is very much dependable by insulin, but in type 2 the disease itself is not dependable by it. In general type 1 would usually be detected in people below 30 years of age including kids and teenagers.

On the other hand, symptoms of diabetes type 2 usually could be detected in people above 30 years of age. And before we all know it, there is a lot of people around the world that are diagnosed with both type making them diabetic and have to plan the food that they consume or things that they do in their life even more carefully.

Some of the things that could be recognized easily for symptoms of diabetes type 2 are almost the same as type 1, such as they would go to the bathroom to go pee very often especially at night time. According to some medical and health resources, this could be happening due to the blood sugar levels that are high inside their bodies. With this being said, usually they get thirsty even easily because they pee so often. Most of them would also lose their appetite in eating which would result to rapid weight loss and making their body look unhealthy.

Other symptoms of diabetes type 2 such as getting tired easily, feels like they have no stamina to work out or do exercises, always feel hungry, feels sleepy easily, and a lot of times they would feel like they have “pins and needles” all over their body all of a sudden. These could be more of the symptoms that could be detected in people with type 2 diabetes that are mostly genetic that runs through the family line more often than people that are diagnosed as diabetic with type 1.

The symptoms of diabetes type 2 would usually be much more detected on people that are overweight or obese while in Type 1 diabetes, they would usually be more in people that are skinny. These two types could also be differentiated by their causes; type 1 would be because of the failure of the pancreas whereas in type 2 are because of how small the insulin would work for the body. It’s not that the bodies of the patients that are diabetic with type 2 don’t have insulin in them; they just don’t work properly in managing the blood sugar levels inside their bodies.

Some of the cause of diabetes is also because of an unhealthy lifestyle, not paying attention properly to the food that they eat, or they don’t exercise regularly. People are diabetic with type 1 is definitely harder to predict and prevent, so when diagnosed with them they would need some sort of insulin shot taken regularly also.

By knowing some symptoms of diabetes type 2, they could be treated with just by planning proper diet plan, exercise regularly and also consume some of the medicine available that are provided by their doctors. Along with these treatment plans, if you have an unhealthy lifestyle you would also need to change that especially if you have been sleeping very late at night which cause you to have not enough sleep, you would want to try and sleep earlier so you have enough rest for your body to do activities the next day.