Statins and Diabetes, Should They Go Together?

Statins and diabetes are things that have been debated for years. Statins have been used at time by diabetic people despite the fact that it is not a medicine meant for diabetes, and its side effects will harm the diabetes people at times. However, some researcher said that there are also good side effects of statins on diabetic people. When this happens, what should be done?

What are Statins and Diabetes ?

Statins and diabetes are two different things in the medical field. Statins is a medicine but not for diabetes. Instead, statins is used for those who suffer from cholesterol. However, those who can lower their cholesterol without statins are preferable rather than the use of statins itself.

Statins is a last option when a person fails to lower his cholesterol level through a strict diet and exercise, meaning that the person’s healthy life plan fails. When no other options can be used to lower the person’s cholesterol lever, statins then will be used as a last and drink diabetestic com

Diabetes, meanwhile, is a whole different thing in the statins world. Diabetes is not a disease that is involved with cholesterol at all. Instead, diabetes is a disease that is involved with the amount of sugar in the blood. The person exceeds the normal sugar level in the blood, and he will be forced to change his diet plan into a plan that has sugar consumption cuts back in it.

As it can be seen, statins and diabetes are two extremely different things that have no relation except that they are both in the medical field. Because of this, statins and diabetes risk seems to be possible for diabetic patients to consume statin

Are Statins and Diabetes a Good Combination ?

It is still debated whether statins and diabetes should go together. It is a fact that statins give more risk of diabetes for those who consume it, so it is definitely not recommended for those who suffers from diabetes. The consumption if statins might also leads to some problems with enzyme and kidney, although the kidney problem is rarely reported. Statins can also lean to depression and myopathy. Statins is a very risky medicine, and its side effects on diabetic patients cannot be imagined at all.

However, there is one thing both of these contradicting things can get along with, and that is cardiovascular disease (CVD). By using statins, diabetic patients can lower his chance of suffering from a cardiovascular disease. In fact, statins has been proven to be useful to fight off the cardiovascular disease. For this reason, some said that diabetic patients should try to use statins to lower their chance of cardiovascular disease.

There are still uncertainties, a lot of them, on the use of statins for diabetic people. Statins have been proven to be a risky medicine, so imagine it being used on diabetic people! Of course, this means that the chance of having statins and diabetes risk in women much more possible, remembering that women cannot use statins once they are pregnant.

However, the fact that statins lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease should not be ignored. Even in this, everybody in the medical field is struggling to find the right answer. Statins and diabetes combination is something that will not be resolved anytime soon.