Signs of Gestational Diabetes Must Known

In case of diabetes mellitus disease, it separated into three types i.e. type 1 diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes mellitus and alsosigns of gestational diabetesmellitus that can be known before.Gestational diabetes is a condition when your blood sugar level is higher when you are pregnant and this will usually return to normal after your baby is born.

High blood sugar levels can cause problems for you and your baby. Babies may grow too large, causingproblems during labor. Babies are also at risk born with low blood sugar. But with treatment, most women with gestational diabetes are able to control blood sugar and give birth to healthy babies anyway.

Signs of Gestational DiabetesCaused By

Those women who have hadsigns of gestational diabetesare more likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in life than other women. You can still prevent or reduce the severity of type 2 diabetes by keeping a healthy weight, eating a healthy meal, and increase your physical activity.gestational diabetes diabetestic com

The pancreas produces the hormone insulin which helps the body use and store sugar from the food you eat. This keeps your blood sugar levels are in normal condition. If you are pregnant, the placenta produces hormones that can make insulin work more difficult. This condition is called insulin resistance. A pregnant woman can suffer from diabetes when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels within normal limits.

Signs of Gestational Diabetesof the Symptoms and Medical Treatment

Gestational diabetes often does not cause symptoms, it is necessary to test to make sure. Sometimes a person does not realize it has been suffering from diabetes before. If you have other types of diabetes, the body will showsigns of gestational diabetesmellitus such as increased thirst, increased frequency of urination, increased hunger, and blurred vision.

Pregnancy causes most women urinating more common and feel hunger. So having these symptoms does not always imply that a woman has diabetes. Talk to your doctor if you have these symptoms, so you can be tested for diabetes at any time during pregnancy. Of course, like the other disease, gestational diabetes mellitus also has the medical treatment that can be used for the diabetics.

Some women with gestational diabetes can control their blood sugar levels by changing into a more healthy diet and exercise regularly. This healthy habit needed to help prevent gestational diabetes in subsequent pregnancies and diabetes type 2 later in life.

Treatment for gestational diabetes also includes checking your blood sugar levels at home and went to the doctor on a regular basis. If necessary you will be given injections of insulin to help control your blood sugar. The pill is calledglyburide and metformincan be used for type 2 diabetes.

Few doctors use this pill to treat women who suffer from gestational diabetes. This was the discussion aboutsigns of gestational diabetesmellitus that we must know and I wish it can give you more positive knowledge about this disease.