Serum Glucose Levels: the Symptoms and the Treatments

Diabetic is always familiar with serum glucose levels, if a person cannot control this thing it will definitely give bad effects to the body. High glucose level will not be effect to the sugar blood only, but it can be changes to be serious disease that will lead any health problems which is related to diabetic. The complications that will be get of the body, such as eyes damage or Retinopathy.

The levels of high glucose levels is more than 200mg/dl in non-fasting stage, while more than 126mg/dl after fasting stage in twice repeated check. To know are you suffering of diabetic or not, know the symptoms first in order to avoid it. Whereas, for those who already have high serum glucose, there are some treatment you can follow to make it down.diabetestic com

Serum Glucose Levels – The symptoms of Early Diabetic

Diabetic indiscriminately, it can attack anyone whether young or adult. This disease is not about the age, it is about serum glucose levels in the body which increase because of there is no insulin intake from the body. Before you are really indicated of diabetic, you have to know the early symptoms.

The cause of diabetic for early stage is actually unrealized by some people, they usually realize after checking serum glucose. There are some important symptoms you have to know well in order to prevent the increase of blood sugar level. The first symptom is drastic weight loss in short time without doing diet program. In this case, the blood sugar level in the body increase, thus make the body lose many essential nutrients.

This is happened because the sugar blood release through urine, whereas the sugar is actually digested in the cell and changed to be energy. The other symptoms are fatigue, excessive thirst, easily too hungry and eat in large portion.

Serum Glucose Levels – The Treatments

If a person already indicated as diabetic, he/she must be looking some ways about how to lower serum glucose. It is done in order to make the blood does not increase rapidly and to prevent any other diabetic complication. Actually, there are some easy ways that you can do in ever day life in order to lower serum glucose levels, the treatment that we are going to show you are based on your habit.

The first step is you have to choose proper foods. You have to make sure consume high protein and essential nutrient every-day. If you go food shopping, you have to look at the nutrient contain of every food, take a look the carbohydrate and sugar contents.

Second step is you have to be clever in choosing carbohydrate, do not consume simple carbohydrate. However, you have to choose healthy carbohydrates, such as fruits and vegetables or grains. Make it sure that you consume low fat dietary.

Next is eat in proper portion, small portion is always better for you. Large portion contains of high carbohydrate, thus eat in small portion in order to lower serum glucose levels.