The Relation Between Diabetes And Headaches

Diabetes And Headaches. Hmm … Diabetes can ruins the ability of you body in producing and using insulin that regulates blood glucose levels and generates energy. As we know, pancreas doesn’t produce insulin in type 1 diabetes. Without insulin, too much sugar remains in the blood and would become toxic over there, leading to fatigue, neuropathy, headaches, even blindness and death in a serious condition.

While type 2 diabetes is developmental and involves cellular resistance to insulin that doctors usually do not diagnose until the diabetes patients beef about symptoms like chronic headaches.

Hyperglycemic Headaches

Hyperglycemia happens when there is too much glucose flows in the blood taking to either lack of insulin production in the pancreas or cellular resistance to insulin. It is a sign of both category of diabetes and is a serious condition because the high amounts of glucose are dangerous to nerves and blood vessels.

Headache is early symptom of hyperglycemia and usually includes blurred vision, confusion, and fatigue based on Mayo Clinic. The absence of insulin therapy, hyperglycemia can cause a build up of ketones that are waste products in the blood and urine, leading to coma and even death.diabetestic com

Glaucoma Headaches

Based on ‘Professional Guide Diseases’, If you have diabetes especially diabetes type 2, you are easier to come down with glaucoma. In glaucoma, the optic nerve is damaged that leads to prograssive, irreversible blindness. Diabetes is participated by a higher incidence of glaucoma because the optic nerve is quite sensitive to high levels of blood glucose.

Glaucoma is frequently related to increased preassure within the eye, that are able to cause eye pain and headaches as well. The relation between glaucoma and headaches frequently feature stabbing or sharp pain above and behind the eye and once in a while include blurred or sudden loss of vision, halo-like visual phenomena, nausea and also vomiting.

Neuropathic Headaches

Diabetes frequently leads to neuropathy, that is nerve injury and irritation caused by high levels of glucose in the blood. The human brain contains so many neurons, including the larger cranial nerves that are able to develop neuropathy as a result of diabetes. Neuropathy in these nerves results in intense, whamming headaches.

Diabetic neuropathy which related to headaches are able to be severe and disabling, but doctors frequently misdiagnose them as migraines, Illustrated As A 2003 Case History Published In The ‘Journal Of The Royal Society Of Medicine’.