Development of Pregnancy Week by Week 1st – 12th Week

Congratulation for your pregnancy and in this opportunity we will talk about pregnancy week by week in the first of three semesters. The development of your baby in the womb will be one thing which is very pleasant in the process of pregnancy is because almost all of what you do have an effect on the baby in your womb.

Of course for those of you who are in the first time of pregnancy want to know a lot about you’re the development of your pregnancy progress. In this opportunity, I will show you the development that your unborn baby by week. Letus see what are the developments and changes that occur in infants in the early period of his life.

Pregnancy week by week in first of three semesters 1st – 4th week

In this phase of pregnancy week by week that the pregnancy phases separated of, in the first week,this becomes the last menstrual period before pregnancy. Bleeding occurring hormones and hormone-body prepare store lease an egg. The second week, the uterus thickens and prepare for ovulation stage. And the third week is the ovulation period.gestational diabetes diabetestic com

Pregnancyhappens at the moment. Fertilization occurs during sperm of your partner meet with your egg in the fallopian tube. Fertilization takes four days, once the fertilized egg is called the zygote. When the fourth week it is the time for the small zygote to find a place in your uterus.

By the end of this week, you do not get a period, and the first sign of possible pregnancy. In some women get a little bleeding and misinterpreted as menstruation, it’s actually a little bleeding because implantation from the zygote to your uterine wall.

Pregnancy week by week in 5th – 12th week

Come into the fifth week of pregnancy week by week, your fetus now has the size like a grain apple and this week is referred as an embryo. You already have a fetal heartbeat itself, the umbilical cord and the placenta is already working fully in this time.

The main brain vesicles begin to form; the nervous system begins to develop. At sixth week the embryo is seen as a tadpole. In this week the limbs, hands, tail, and head still like buds. This week is the time to form the pancreas, liver, thyroid gland, lung and heart. Then at the seventh week the heart has been fully formed.

The nerves and muscles will work together in one command for the first time. The fetus has the reflexes and spontaneous move but you cannot feel it. The end of this week, the brain also will fully form.

Come into the eighth week, the embryo this time has the length about 25 until 30 mm. The baby’s arms and legs have been divided into several components i.e. the legs, thighs, arms, shoulders, and hands. The organ that is known has reproductive function start to form like cartilage and bone.

The outer ear will completely formed, eye makeup pigment. About the brain, neural networks associated with the smelling nerves into the brain. The heart is pumping with strong and regular beating. In week nine until twelve in pregnancy week by week the fetus has been scanned with USG and your baby is starting to kick.