Medical Pregnancy Glucose Test

In a pregnancy, there will be a chance to a pregnant woman to have the gestational diabetes mellitus so it is much recommended for those of you to have your medical pregnancy glucose test. Before I talk about the test, I will explain to you what the gestational diabetes is first.

Gestational diabetes is the type of diabetes that especially attacks the pregnant women. In the other words, this type of diabetes is not attacking the non-pregnant women and also men. According to the data that exists today, this diabetes type has been appeared about 2 percent of all about diabetes mellitus cases.

However, to prevent this happens in your pregnancy, you are recommended to take the glucose test with your doctor in order to know the blood sugar level that you have when you are pregnant.

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Pregnancy Glucose Test Which Is Commonly Recommended

To ensure gestational diabetes in the mother, the doctor usually will ask pregnant women to do pregnancy glucose test with a urine test. If found to be positive in urine glucose content. However, since it is influenced by renal function decline due to pregnancy, it takes careful examination to as certain whether DMG (Diabetes mellitus Gestational).

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends diagnostic criteria using an oral glucose load test. That is 75 grams of glucose dis solved in 200 cc of water, then drunk by pregnant women, and then performed blood sugar tests. Of this new testis said DMG when examination  results obtained fasting blood glucose >126 mg/dl and > 140 mg/dl at two hours after oral glucose giving.

Does every pregnant woman have risk of DMG ? It doesn’t so, only those who have a history of diabetes inclose family including the father or mother, had given birth to large babies are more than4 kg, had excessive amniotic fluid, and pregnant at the age of 35 years and over.

Pregnancy Glucose Test That You Must Know

Pregnancy glucose test is separated in several kinds of tests that we as the common people must know. For the information, there are two sub types of gestational diabetes. They are type A1 and type A2. The condition that includes in the type A1 is where the oral glucose tolerant test is abnormal but the level of blood sugar still normal during fasting and two hours after eating.

In this type of gestational diabetes, the modification of dietary pattern is needed to control the blood sugar level. Type A2 is where the oral glucose tolerant test is abnormal and added by the abnormal level of sugar blood during the fasting time and or after eating. In this type, additional therapy with insulin or drugs is needed.

There are also chances to get other complications in it. By doing the test, we can prevent the complication happens by checking the blood sugar level. The other ways are recommended by medical world. The easy way comes from doing the healthy dietary and added by the exercises that can make your body keep healthy.

It is very important for those of you who are in pregnant to do pregnancy glucose test to watch out your blood sugar level in normal level.