Prediabetes Glucose Levels – Knowing the Symptoms and the Treatment

In fact, prediabetes glucose levels are higher than the normal blood sugar level, therefore pradiabetes is claimed that they can be diabetic with higher blood sugar level, it is proved with around 11% of prediabetes are sentenced as diabetic. However, it does not mean that diabetic cannot be stop, if you are prediabetes, you have opportunities to life healthier.

The indication of prediabetes is done through fasting blood glucose test, hemoglobin a2c test and glucose test 2 hours after eating. The early warning of prediabetes should not be bogey, but this is the first step and right step to fight diabetic by adjusting healthy lifestyle and diet.

Prediabetes Glucose Levels – Detecting the Signs of Prediabetes

Prediabnetes is actually does not show any special symptoms, thus lots of people underestimate this thing. However, there are several signs that you have to know in order to prevent it to be more dangerous and diagnose as diabetic. You have to detect the first sign by checking prediabetes glucose levels, the main indication of it is you will get higher blood sugar level than normal level.prediabetes diabetestic com

You have to detect prediabetes signs in five ways. First sign is you have similar condition with diabetic symptoms, such as excessive thirsty and increased urination. Second, if you feel wakeful, sleep time lees than 6 hours, it can be diagnosed as prediabetes. Third, pay attention to your skin, if there are some black spots in your fold skin, you have to control it to the doctor.

This sign can be diagnose as prediabetes. Fourth, obesity also become the other sign because there will be much fat and sugar deposits in the body. Last is identifying your family history, if there is a member who diabetic, you have to be aware.

Prediabetes Glucose Levels – The Treatment for Preventing Diabetes

The alarm of prediabetes glucose levels that is higher than normal level should make you aware of your body condition. You have to stop some bad habits that can increase your blood glucose to be diabetic and do some better habits, as fellows; maximize the physical movement in order to reduce fat deposit and decrease blood sugar level in your body. You can move your body not only by doing exercise, but also in the sidelines during daily activities as well. Ideally, you have to do exercise in 30 minutes per day.

Next, you have to do routine control to the doctor about your blood sugar level at least 3 times a month. Then, you have to manage your sleeping time. Sleep is important for you to stabilize the metabolism and hormone and also will regenerate the body cells.

As a term says that mouth is the source of the disease entrance, so that you have to manage your everyday menus in order to keep your healthy. You have to be careful and become cleaver in buying the food, take a note the vitamin, nutrient and protein of each food. Avoid high sugar and fat content; do not consume sugary fruits, such as water melon. These new healthy habits will definitely help you normalize prediabetes glucose levels.