Prediabetes Diet Plan for Healthier Living

Just like the name said, prediabetes is a stage before diabetes itself. People that are diagnosed with prediabetes already have high blood sugar level inside their body, but haven’t gotten to the point of being diabetic themselves. Prediabetes itself could be considered as a sign for you, even though it’s not alarmingly dangerous, it might be quite annoying to have for some people.

So, usually some prediabetes diet plan is highly recommended by doctors that could be good for you if you have prediabetes stage. You would want to plan your food healthily and not opt for food with high sugar level in them as much as you used to. With the proper diet plan supposed with routine exercises, diabetic could altogether be avoided even though you have the prediabetes stage.

Food to Consume Or to Avoid in Prediabetes Diet Plan

If you already know that you have the prediabetes stage, the next step is to plan with your doctor the healthy and right prediabetes diet plan that would work for you. This could perfectly go along with regular exercise that you could do daily, they don’t even have to be big workouts for example a little jog around the neighborhood, walk or bike for about 30 minutes in the morning or at night to keep your body active physically. The main reason for these diet plans and exercise is to stabilize the blood sugar level inside your body.prediabetes diabetestic com

Not all food types could go along with prediabetes diet plan, some might be good to consume and other foods might be really bad and have to be avoided. Fruits and vegetables for example, are some of the food that is high in fiber that could be really good to be included in your diet plan. They contain healthy carbohydrate and also low in calories, which is good to help stabilize your blood sugar levels inside your body.

Whether you have prediabetes or not, it is a no brainer that vegetables have to be consumed every day because they are healthy and good to have inside your body for it to function even better. Some of these vegetables that would be good for you to consume are broccoli, spinach, artichoke, Brussels sprouts, celery, cucumbers, leeks, peppers and tomatoes.

Nuts and grains could also be good to be included in your prediabetes diet plan, with the protein, fiber and just the right amount of fat in them nuts should be on top of your list when planning your diets. They don’t just help to lower blood sugar levels, but they also play the important part in helping to lower high blood pressure that is usually the main risk factor in prediabetes stage.

Grains are also good to be consumed by them because they are very rich in fiber; vitamin, minerals and they also don’t contain too much fat which is perfect for these diet plans to work properly. Nuts preferred for these diet plans are usually not the ones that have been processed already. Some of them might include wholegrain bread, oatmeal, red rice, quinoa, and millet.

Fish could also be consumed by prediabetes patients at times in their prediabetes diet plan, whether they are steamed, baked, grilled, but always try to avoid the ones that are fried. Fish that are fried would contain too much oil which would lead to having more fat going inside your body which is not the goal in the diet plan. So you might want to opt for other methods but not the fried fish for some of your diet plan’s menu. This type of meat combined with vegetables and grains, they could create a healthy body with the balance of protein, fiber and fat itself.

What about fruits, you might have wondered? Some people might still think that some fruits because of their sweet taste are not good to be included in their prediabetes diet plan. According to a Diabetes Association in the US, any kind of fruit (canned, frozen, fresh) as long as they are served without added sugar in them is good to be included in the diet plan for prediabetes people.

Even though you would still have to calculate which fruit is good to be consumed after eating which food? This could be done so that you have some sort of an idea how much carbohydrate going inside your body. Consulting with an expert such as nutritionists could also be helpful in determining which prediabetes diet plan is good for you.

So many types of vegetables and fruits to be able to mixed and matched when you are planning your prediabetes diet plan. They don’t just stabilize your sugar blood levels in a way, but also would be useful for the long run in your longer and healthier life.

Living and eating healthily would be the two most important things in your life, rather than treating diseases once you are diagnosed by them. They would also cost so much more especially if you have to take medicines that are prescribed by doctors to help you with your sickness. Usually a lifestyle could be a trigger for prediabetes, which is why you will need to pay attention to your lifestyle to be a healthier one also in preventing diseases going inside your body.