Prediabetes Blood Sugar Levels for Sure Your Health

In case of knowing whether we are in pre diabetes or not, we must know our prediabetes blood sugar levels first. It is because pre diabetes is not showed by any symptoms that appear through our body. However, pre diabetes is the first step that can bring us into the diabetes mellitus disease. In the other words, pre diabetes is the condition when the blood sugar is above the normal measure but the blood sugar measurement itself is not enough to reach the diabetes mellitus level yet.

If we don’t care about what kind of life style that we do in daily life, this pre diabetes can be grown up into the higher and dangerous one as known as diabetes mellitus type 2. This will be not good for your body because you will get worse than before that can make you feel uncomfortable in enjoying life.

Prediabetes Blood Sugar Levels In Measurement

There are some tests that can measure the prediabetes blood sugar levels. They are oral glucose tolerance test and fasting blood sugar test. These two pre diabetes tests have different measurement about the blood sugar measurement. In fasting blood sugar test, the normal condition of blood sugar is less than 99 mg/dl. And for pre diabetes level, the blood sugar measurement is in between 99 until 126 mg/dl.

Of course above 126 mg/dl, it will be diabetes mellitus level. It is different with the oral glucose tolerance test where the normal level measures in less than 140 mg/dl. And the pre diabetes itself measures in about 140 until 200 mg/dl. Above 200 mg/dl, someone will be in diabetes mellitus condition.prediabetes diabetestic com

Prediabetes Blood Sugar Levels Comes From

The exact causes ofprediabetes blood sugar levels increase is not known yet, although researchers have found several genes associated with insulin resistance. Excess fat, especially abdominal fat, and activity also appears to be an important factor in the progression of pre diabetes. In pre diabetes, the body becomes resistant to insulin and is unable to clean or take sugar from the blood stream as it should. As a result, blood sugar levels are higher than normal value and if it lasts longer then the risk of heart disease and stroke increases. Of course in this case, the life style is the key of pre diabetes come from. It is because the way of someone activities every day and what and how many food which a person consume.

Pre diabetes often do not show symptoms, but the dark color of the skin in several areas of the body such as the neck, armpits, knees, elbows and knuckles can be a symptom a person has diabetes risk. Moreover there are some other symptoms that are classic symptoms of type 2 diabetes include frequent thirst, frequent urination fatigue and blurred vision. Surely there are always the way to reduce or stay away from this kind of disease. The key of those ways is only about the faith and willingness. In order to reduce the prediabetesblood sugar levels getting higher that is horrible for many people, we must change our previous activities into the better one.