Prediabetes and a1c Test – Knowing The Symptoms of Diabetic

For those of you who feel fear of diabetic, you have to recognize it through prediabetes and a1c test. Prediabets is also well known as the unfuctioned tolerance glucose where this is a kind of diabetes symptom that must be overcome to prevent chronic diabetes rapidly. Prediabetics and diabetic is actually close and similar.

To know the prediabetes, you have to check your blood sugar level through a1c test or hemoglobin a1c test. This test will show you how much your blood sugar level in your body in the latest 2 and 3 months. The advantages of this test is you do not need to fast, this test will run to diagnose your diabetic symptoms.

Prediabetes and a1c Test – What is Prediabetic and How To Overcome

As mentioned above that prediabetis and a1c test are both things that close to diabetic. The Prediabetes’ symptoms are also similar with diabetes, but there it is lighter. However, it can be tolerance to overcome in order to prevent it to be more dangerous as well as diabetic. If you are detected as prediabetes, he first symptoms that is seen is you will have high blood glucose, higher than normal level but you it is lower than diabetic blood sugar level.prediabetes diabetestic com

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This condition is called borderline diabetes. The symptoms of prediabetes is similar with diabetic type 2, thus most of diabetic type 2 are also begun by prediabetes. The symptoms you have to be aware are you will be thirsty, increased urination, obesity and have black spot on the skin folds.

After knowing the symptoms of prediabetes, you also have to know how to overcome this. There are some ways you can follow, those are; first you have to check your blood glucose routine to the doctor min once a year. Second, measure your blood pressure, it must be less than 130/80 and the LDL cholesterol cannot be higher than 100mg.dl and the a1c must be less than 7%.

Third, you have to notice your family health history, if there is a member has diabetic, you have to adjust your life style to be healthier. Through those symptoms, you have to notice prediabetes and a1c test to keep your blood glucose in normal level.

Prediabetes and A1C Test – How the work of A1C Test

The test of a1c has been used since 1970s as the measure about how good diabetes is, but is does not use as disease diagnosis. In the old version of this test, it does not as accurate as new test version. This test is used to measure the hemoglobin percentage in the body, blood glucose and vs a1c. IF a person has hig blood glucose in the body, it means the amount of a1c is higher. Therefore, prediabetes and a1c test has close connectivity with diabetic, because both refer to blood glucose.

The percentage of prediabetes and a1c test shows that a1c for adult is 5%. A person who has diabetic that cannot be controlled has 25% percentage. Meanwhile, for a person who has prediabetes has a1c around 5, 7 % and 6, 4 %, whereas if a person has 6.5% higher, it will diagnose ad diabetic