Pre Diabetes Levels for Diabetics

In case of a disease name diabetes mellitus, there are some pre diabetes levels that exist before the diabetes mellitus itself. Pre diabetes is the disease that comes before the diabetes mellitus happen. This is shown by the fasting plasma glucose and oral glucose tolerance test result. Of course the level of pre diabetes is different with the diabetes itself. The pre diabetes blood sugar measurement are measure in about 99 until 126 in fasting plasma glucose and 140 until 200 in oral glucose tolerance test.

And for under the measurement includes the normal one and if the measurement is above those measurements, it means the result is positively in diabetes mellitus level. Surely if you include in the pre diabetes measurement, you have to do some anticipate activities in order to stay away from the big chance of being a diabetics.prediabetes diabetestic com

Pre diabetes levels happened by insulin

Many studies have proven that people with pre diabetes levels, if not handled properly, for example with weight loss, food management and increased physical activity, then in the next 10 years will develop into Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Also note also that the people with pre diabetes have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart attack.

Just a shappened in Diabetes Mellitus Type2, the occurrence of events underlying the existence of the state of pre-diabetes is insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas, a gland that is present in our stomach. The main function of the hormone insulinin the regulation of blood glucose is.

Blood glucose is one result of the break down of the food used by the body as a primary energy source. After the food is digested in the esophagus, the glucose that is formed will be carried by the blood stream. The presence of elevated levels of blood glucose will stimulate insulin secretion by pancreatic beta cells. Insulin works like a key to enter the glucose into the cells so that glucose can be used by cells for energy.

Pre diabetes levels for anticipate

Surely, every person doesn’t want to be the diabetics. In this case, as pre diabetes levels that show the disease before diabetes mellitus happen, those people that include in this level will have some anticipate actions to stay away from diabetes mellitus disease. Some action that can anticipate this pre diabetes happen are such like doing more exercises that can bring our body into more active condition. It can make the blood sugar level decrease.

By decreasing our body weight in about seven percent is also the best way to anticipate the disease of diabetes mellitus happen. However, there are some medical treatments that can reduce the probability of diabetes mellitus by consuming some specific drugs.

Many people are asking about pre diabetes symptom so they can reduce or even stay away from the probability of being a diabetic. Actually pre diabetes doesn’t have any symptoms that show some diagnoses of pre diabetes. The only way to know that you are in pre diabetes levels or not is by testing your blood sugar measurement through the medical treatment in the hospital or even in your own chosen doctor place.