Pre Diabetes and Alc0h0l – Does it Safe ?

Some people ask about the truth of pre diabetes and alc0h0l does it safe for pre diabetes? As lay people who indicated as pre diabetes which has higher blood sugar level than normal level, most of them are afraid to consume alc0h0l. Since there are sugary contents of alc0h0l that may cause pre diabetes turns to be diabetic with higher blood sugar level. Do you know that alc0h0l is actually safe for pre diabetes ?

A study shows that drink alc0h0l, such as beer or wine in moderation is referred to low risk of diabetic. This is experienced in the prevention program of diabetic by allowing some pre diabetes as experimental groups during 3 months for drinking alc0h0l in moderation.

However, there are also some assumptions by medical term that shows alc0h0l does not really safe for pre diabetes, because it contains of much sugar and the process of production is similar with fat.

Pre Diabetes and Alcohol

Pre Diabetes and Alc0h0l – The Pros of Alc0h0l

For those of you who often drink alc0h0l and diagnose as the pre diabetes, do not worry about the risk of alc0h0l consumption. You can still be safe in drinking alc0h0l, it does not make your blood sugar level increase rapidly, but it will help you to produce more insulin in your body.

How could it be? Researchers do big experiment for pre diabetes for few months to drink alc0h0l in moderation way, the result shows that alc0h0l can increase the secretion of insulin and prevent the progression of pre diabetes to be diabetes.

The pros of pre diabetes and alc0h0l give drinking rule in moderation in order to keep the blood glucose in the body. For a man allows to drink four times in any day and maximum is 14 glasses for a week, while for woman allows to drink three times in any day and maximum is 7 glasses a week.

There is standard of alc0h0l moderation by NIAAA that must be taken; a 5 ounce glass of wine for dinner, a 12 ounce of bottle of beer and a shot – it can be one half ounce of 80 spirits of vodka, tequila and rum. That standard must be done when you decide to drink alc0h0l in order to get low risk of diabetic.

Pre Diabetes and Alc0h0l – The Cons of Alc0h0l

Alc0h0l is processed like fat in the body, the contain of alc0h0l is much of calories, therefore pre diabetes will may get side effect while consuming alc0h0l, such as high blood sugar level rapidly. If pre diabetes and alc0h0l is combined and it is allowed to drink in moderate portion, you still will get side effect which is caused of increase of blood sugar level. Whereas if you decide to drink much portion of alc0h0l, it will effected to your blood sugar level will decrease drastically. Thus, it will make you Hypoglycemia that can make brain damage and death.

Beside of that, alc0hol has lots of calories contain. The excessive consumption of alc0h0l will contribute weigh gain for you. It means that you will save much fat in your body that can disturb your body metabolism in producing insulin. Pre diabetes and alc0h0l is actually does not recommended, the best way is stop to drink.