Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetic – Controlling the Blood Levels

Normal blood sugar is around 120mg/dl for healthy people, but normal blood sugar levels for diabetic are higher than that. The normal sugar level of diabetic is about 180mg/dl, it is exceeding the normal limits of healthy person. Diabetes is a disease that is closely related to blood sugar levels, this is causes diabetic have high blood pressure which is greater than 200mg/dl.

Therefore, to prevent bad effect for diabetics, they must keep the blood in normal levels. Diabetics must be really concern about their sugar levels, so that health is also maintained.

Normal Blood Sugar Level for Diabetic – Why Is It Difficult to Get Normal Level

diabetestic comAs you know that, normal blood sugar level for diabetic is hard to get. It is because there is no intake enough insulin into the body. To stabilize the high blood pressure, the body needs secretion of insulin. The duty of insulin is to open the gate of cells, so that the sugar can penetrate the membrane cell. When the body begins to do not get insulin, the effect that pancreatic beta cells will damage. This effect will make the sugar difficult while entering the cell, consequently the sugar will stay in the bloodstream because of it is not absorbed by the cells.

The function of pancreatic beta cell is really important; it is the main gland that produces the insulin hormone in the body. Besides of there is no enough insulin intake for body, the resistance cell to the insulin is also influenced to the stability of blood sugar level. in this case, the blood is actually still able to provide enough insulin and pancreatic cell also can work well. However, because of resistance cell, the insulin that is produced by pancreatic beta cannot work properly in helping the metabolism of blood sugar level, so that the blood sugar level increase drastically.

Normal Blood Sugar Level for Diabetic – The Way to Control the Sugar Blood Level

Remember that high blood sugar level can give a rick of diabetic complication; therefore you have to do some efforts to keep the stability of blood sugar level into normal. For diabetics, there are some effective ways you can follow about how to control sugar level into normal blood sugar levels. Actually, the main way to keep your sugar blood treatment in normal is controlling your weight. This is a kind of blood treatment for diabetic that must be done.

Controlling your body weight will prevent the insulin resistance damage because of the deposits of fat in your body. The way to control your weight is by doing exercises. Besides of decreasing the fat deposits, exercise is also effective to control the blood sugar level.

You do not need to do hard exercises; it will give you bad effect also. Just does simple exercises routine every day, such as jogging, riding bicycle, walking or swimming. Moreover, you also have to reduce the consumption of sugar, consume low calorie sugar or consume sugar free to get normal blood sugar level for diabetic.