Avoiding the Low Glucose Levels

Low glucose levels in every human show different number. It is not only the high sugar levels are dangerous, but the low sugar levels also can be damage to the health. This condition is called hypoglycemia; the body lacks of blood sugar because the insulin is produced excessively in the body. It can be experienced by anyone, but often occurs to diabetics.

Therefore, it is very important to check your blood sugar regularly and keeping it stable in the normal range. Glucose levels can be measured before eating and 2 hours after eating. Human normal blood sugar levels after eating should be under 200 mg/ dl.

Ordinary people are often erroneously to indicate the symptoms of hypoglycemia with anemia. In avoiding this disease, we need to know some of main the symptoms of low glucose.tools and product diabetestic

Low Glucose Levels: Its Symptoms

Start to recognize the signs of low glucose levels in the body as soon as possible so that you can handle it. There are two common symptoms shown by these conditions. The first symptoms are shown by the reaction of the body’s nerve due to falling blood sugar levels. This condition is related to the central nervous (brain). Patients usually have confusion and anxiety that led to the seizure or fainting. In addition, patients do not focus and hallucinating.

The second symptoms are related to physical condition. The patient is limp, pale, often sweating, easily hungry, trembling and rapid heartbeat. If you experience these symptoms, check your blood sugar levels immediately. For the first aid, stop the activity and drink a glass of warm sugar water. Then, consult your condition to the doctor.

Low Glucose Levels: Avoiding and Handling

After giving first aid to the low glucose levels conditions, you can begin to do some steps to deal with it. You must check the sugar levels again. When it is stable, you should get some rest and relax your whole body nerves, but if the sugar levels still high, you should see a doctor. The doctor will usually give an injection to reduce the blood sugar levels. Unstable blood sugar can cause the disease complications.

The most frequent complication is diabetic with kidney failure, liver malfunction and heart attack. There are several ways to deal with a low glucose conditions. The most important is applying healthy lifestyles, running the right diet program and do exercise regularly.

The past decade, diabetes is rise significantly. This is caused by the lifestyles that do not support the health. Many people prefer to eat fast food which contains a lot of preservatives such as processed meats (ham, sausage, and corned beef), foods that containing artificial sweeteners (packaged beverages, soft drinks and candy) and instant spices.

People have started to leave the natural foods and prefer to choose the instant ones without regard to the long-term effects. Work activities also make them forget to take a rest and do some exercise. You must avoid that things to keep your blood sugar; not too high or in low glucose levels.