Low Carb Diabetic Diets – Best Dietary Menu for Diabetic

Low carb diabetics diets is one of diet program that has function to reduce the consumption of carbohydrate food every day, the aims is to weight loss program. Moreover, this diet method also has nice benefit for those who have diabetes in order to control the sugar blood level into normal level. This method begins too popular, since this is believed as effective way in weigh loose program because it reduce the consumption of sugar.

Usually, carb diet is done by reducing the consumption of rice or everything than contain carbohydrate. Diabetic usually changes carbohydrate with other nutrients, such as protein or calcium. They more concern to consume fruit and vegetables.

Low Carb Diabetic Diets – The Benefits of Carb Diet

food and drink diabetestic comIf you have diabetes, Low carb diabetic diets is the time for you to reduce your blood sugar level by doing low carb diabetes diets. There are lots of benefits you can get by this diet. First,this diet method canincrease HDL level in your body. This is a kind of good cholesterol which is good for body. When you do this diet, your bad cholesterol or LDL level will decrease, while good cholesterol will increase.

HDL helps your body to clean your blood from LDL, so that your blood circulation will smooth. It will prevent you from heart disease. It also has benefit in controlling your weight.

As you know that diabetic must be keeping weight in order to decrease the fat deposit. This method is effective for diabetics because it can recover the body metabolism. Moreover, this diet also offers you balance nutrients, because you have to consume much protein other than carb. Protein helps you to produce insulin and control your blood sugar level.

A research says that carb diet can stop more than 50% diabetics in consuming diabetes medicine other than those who do low fat diet. For diabetics, you have to do this diet, because it will decrease the glucose in your blood. It is the effective way to stabilize your sugar blood level.

Low carb Diabetic Diets – Make the Menu for Everyday

For you who have low carb diabetic diets program, erase rice in your menu is a kind of a must. You must change rice with another food that contains high protein. As you know that rice is the source of sugar, it cannot be consumed by diabetic, because it can increase the blood sugar level. Therefore, you have to arrange new menu without carbohydrate for every day.

You can change the rice with wheat, it has much fiber. The fiber in wheat has function to keep the stabilization of blood glucose. Moreover, the fiber content also has function to burn the fat deposit. Actually, wheat also has carb content, but it is easy to absorb into the body and it is able to maintain the blood stabilization. Moreover, you also have to consume vegetables. Vegetable is effective in increasing the sensitiveness of insulin.

The other substance of vegetable which is lutein has function to recover eyes disorder that is caused of diabetes. Those are the menus of low carb diabetic diets you can eat every day.