Low Blood Sugar Symptoms In Non-Diabetic

Low blood sugar or in medical term called hypoglycemia, is a condition which causes the sugar or glucose in your blood is dropping too low. It is able to occur in people who have no diabetes. The two types of non-diabetic hypoglycemia are reactive hypoglycemia and fasting hypoglicemia. Reactive hypoglicemia, frequently occurs about two to four hours after having a meal.

While fasting hypoglycemia frequently occurs after the person goes without any foods for eight hours or longer. When your blood sugar level is too low, then your muscles and your brain cells do not have sufficient energy to do any activities well.

The Signs of Non-diabetic Low Blood Sugar?

There are some symptoms of low blood sugar with non-diabetic such as changes in vision or blurred vision, getting any dizziness, shakiness and headedness, weakness and fatigue without reason, fast or pounding heartbeat and sweating more than usual like you just do run long. These symptoms would appear all of a sudden. Even headache, nausea and hunger appear all together, anxiety, irritability and also confusion can be felt by people who are suffering low blood sugar without diabetes.

These symptoms might appear either all together or just one or some of them. You need to recognize these some symptoms to prevent yourselves from a serious condition and in order to get appropriate medical healing.

Exercise and Diet for Low Blood Sugar

Having some exercises are relatively able to lower the blood sugar in the body. However it would normally, cause low blood sugar episodes in otherwise healthy people. If symptoms of low blood sugar are appeared during having exercise, just stop it first.

Before starting an exercise, try consuming several complex carbohydrates starch such as pasta or oatmeal. Consuming simple carbohydrates such as glucose in sports during the exercise goes will help you to avoid some symptoms.

When reactive low blood sugar has been diagnosed, the most crucial thing to execute is to change your diet pattern. It should consist of much more complex carbohydrates such as pasta, oatmeal, potatoes, and also rice. Those all have to be divided into more but smaller amounts of meals.

You are able to divide into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three others in between main meals to prevent the huge fluctuations in the insulin secretion from your pancreas. This is a simple way to do in reducing the risks of low blood sugar for non diabetic.