Low Blood Sugar Symptoms Without Diabetes, What You Should Know?

While inconsistent blood sugar level including low blood sugar level is often associated with diabetes, there is also condition of low blood sugar level that doesn’t have association with diabetes. What are the low blood sugar symptoms without diabetes?

Well, there are some noticeable symptoms you can recognize early. All of them are caused by condition known as hypoglycemia which is a health condition of too low blood glucose level in one’s body.

Usually, those with diabetic experience it when they have mismatch of food, medicine and exercise. Non non-diabetic hypoglycemia also exists and needs to be aware of.

Common Symptoms of Non-Diabetic Hypoglycemia

The common symptoms non diabetic hypoglycemia include irritable feeling, sweaty, confused or nervous, dizzy, anxious, sleepy, shaky, constant hungry, feeling weak and trouble speaking. These symptoms may be too usual and are often misunderstood as usual feelings in daily basis. But if it happens to often or to constant, it can be a symptom that needs to be aware of.low blood sugar symptoms without diabetes low blood sugar symptoms without diabetes low blood sugar symptoms without diabetes

With three level of non-diabetic hypoglycemia, the symptoms may become more noticeable depending on the level of blood sugar.

  • Mild hypoglycemia for instance is associated with constant hungry that the person even wants to vomit. It also is associated with feeling nervous and jittery. The person may also feel faster heartbeat out of nowhere. Other symptoms include sweating too much and the skin turning clammy and cold.
  • Moderate hypoglycemia is associated with more noticeable symptoms such as feeling afraid, nervous, confused and short tempered without any exact causes. And, a person may also experience trouble walking and feeling unsteady when standing. Blurred vision can also be another symptom
  • Severe hypoglycemia on the other hand is associated with serious symptoms like seizures, passing out and coma. In worst condition, it can lead to death.

Types of Non-Diabetic Hypoglycemia

There are actually two types of non-diabetic hypoglycemia with different causes of each type. They are fasting hypoglycemia that is related to certain disease and reactive hypoglycemia that usually happens severe hours before or after eating meal.

Reactive hypoglycemia is caused by rare enzyme deficiencies, stomach surgery or pre-diabetes. Fasting hypoglycemia on the other hand is caused by certain medicines including pentamidine, sulfa drugs, aspirin and quinine, serious illnesses such as kidney, heart and liver disease, alcohol particular binge drinking, tumors such as pancreas tumors and certain hormones at low level such a glucagon, growth hormone, cortisol and epinephrine.