Is Diabetes Curable Disease or Not ?

The question of is diabetes curable or not often yields a very disappointing result. Although this particular metabolism disease of Diabetes Mellitus has been around for a very long time in the world, there has yet any displacement method of insulin hormone producing nor has any method to improve the body cell so that it would be able to absorb insulin and disregard a type 2 diabetes common resistance been found. This is what holds true despite the advancement of medical technology and science in general.

Therefore the ultimate conclusion to answer the questions such as is diabetes curable disease or is diabetes curable or not is that diabetes is not curable with the exception of some very rare cases.

Is Diabetes Curable, the Alternative

Despite in answering is the diabetes curable question tend to reach a disappointing dead end, there are still hopes for other solutions in dealing with Diabetes Mellitus. Before mentioning them, it is best to understand the way diabetes works beforehand. This should help in comprehension of what method would work ultimately in dealing with the problem of Diabetes.can type 2 diabetes turn into type 1

Important part of what danger diabetes holds in form of its symptoms is that they are actually a result of a long winding chain of causes and effects. What Diabetes is actually about is either deficiency of body cell in taking up insulin due to resistance, or pancreas failure to supply the body with insulin hormone to absorb glucose from the blood.

Now, with that in mind, in further elaborating the answer to is diabetes curable, the high glucose in blood that leads to the symptoms of diabetes are actually the effect of the insulin problems as mentioned. Therefore, in the treatment, since to fix the ones about the insulin hormone is still impossible for humanity and technology, it is best to treat the problem of Diabetes by addressing the blood sugar concentration that actually is an effect of the insulin related problems.

Is Diabetes Curable or Just Treatable

Knowing how things work can help in the justifying the answer. As such with the particular case of answering is diabetes curable for now, after laying down the foundation, it is fair to assume that it is not yet curable. However since the problem of blood sugar level is treatable. By working hard to maintain the balance concentration of sugar in blood, a sufferer could release himself from the symptoms.

Therefore, the ultimate conclusion is that Diabetes, although incurable, is not like a death sentence. There is always hope and alternative. Although, for now the question as such is diabetes curable still has to be answered with certain negative tone