If You Have Hypoglycemia – Understanding Low Blood Glucose

What will you do if you have hypoglycemia? He first thing when you have this syndrome you must be keeping your glucose in optimal condition. It is quite different with diabetes where diabetes has high blood glucose, while hypoglycemia has low blood glucose. Usually, this syndrome is experience by those who do strict free sugar diet. The indication of people who experience hypoglycemia can be seen when the blood sugar is in 70mg/dl or lower than this.

Keeping blood sugar levels is very important, do not let the blood sugar levels become excessive or deficient because it will be bad. You will always need sugar for your live, because sugar is the source of energy to do activities. There are some symptoms of hypoglycemia syndrome, such as huger, anxiety, pale skin, trembling, sweating, and dizziness.diabetestic com

If You Have Hypoglycemia – How to Keep Blood Sugar Level

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Actually there are some easy ways to keep blood sugar levelif you have hypoglycemia. The effective way is consume healthy food that has healthy sugar. Some of acute hypoglycemia chooses to consume food that has sugar source that is easy to absorb by the body.

Commonly, 15mg of sugar is the doses that will be given to the hypoglycemia, after that it is followed by checking blood sugar level. If there is no change in consuming 15mg sugar per day, you have to add the doses 10-15mg again and repeat till three times. The equivalences of 15mg sugar are four tea spoons of sugar, ½ cups of soda or regular juice and four lifesavers.

Moreover, there are also some hypoglycemia sufferers who like to keep the blood sugar level with sweet cakes, such as brownies, cupcake, cookies or pudding. Always remember that sugar in form of carbohydrates complex or sugar which is combine with protein and fat is slower to absorb for acute hypoglycemia. If hypoglycemia acute begins to difficult in consuming the sugar through the mouth, it must do drastic step by using glucagon. Glucagon absorbs and stores the glucose quickly into the body and it is automatically will increase the blood sugar in optimal level.

If You Have Hypoglycemia – Hypoglycemia Dietary

The best way in controlling blood sugar level of hypoglycemia is adjusting the diet, the dietary method is similar with diabetes dietary. If you have hypoglycemia you have to set carbohydrate complex and add eating frequency. You have to eat more than three times per day; it will help you to increase the blood glucose in your body. There are some menus you can eat for every day, ranging from breakfast, lunch and dinner. These menu that we are going to share you are easy to make and definitely healthy for your body.

For breakfast, you can make ½ cups of orange juice, ¾ cups cornflakes; I slice wheat toast, 1 table spoon of margarine, a cup skim milk, creamer or sugar substitute. Having lunch, you can eat hamburger with lettuce or tomato slice, ½ cup of cooked carrot, a fresh apple, a cup of skim milk and 3 crackers. For dinner, you can eat ½ medium baked potato and baked chicken tossed and strawberries.

If you have hypoglycemia, those menus are recommended for you.