ICD 9 Code for Prediabetes People

Maybe for some people are still confused when they heard about icd 9 code for prediabetes . This is such kind of medical code for some symptoms and diagnoses for a disease that someone has. This code is very helpful in medical world. With this icd 9 code, a doctor will know anything about someone’s liquid body’s criteria.

In this opportunity, we will talk about the prediabetes diagnose that can be known by this icd 9 code. The icd 9 has many code that each code has the specific meaning about a disease that coded by numbers. By coding the diseases into the code, this makes the easy way for the medical workers to know what disease that someone has. By use this icd 9, especially for prediabetes diseases will be easy to find out.

ICD 9 Code for PrediabetesIcd 9 Code For Prediabetes Numbers

In icd 9 code, every disease is coded into numbers. In this case, icd 9 code for prediabetes is actually doesn’t clearly exist. However, there are codes for diabetes mellitus that are coded in 249 and 250. As separated into two types of diabetes type, code for 249 is about the diabetes mellitus secondary type and the 250 is about the diabetes mellitus itself.

With using this icd 9 code, the types and diagnoses of both diabetes mellitus secondary and diabetes mellitus are numbered into separated codes. This way is happened because there are some specifics of diabetes mellitus itself. Of course, to assure you, these codes that include in icd 9 are just for diabetes mellitus code without any complications.

Icd 9 Code For Prediabetes Test

Of course in order to know what disease that is someone’s has, it should be a test that can find out the diagnoses that show the disease is. This is Glycated Hemoglobin test or A1C. This test is kind of blood test that indicates the averages of someone’s blood sugar level. This test tests the blood sugar level especially for the past two or three months.

This test works in the way to measure the blood sugar percentage which attached in the hemoglobin itself. In the other words this test measures the hemoglobin that exists in someone’s body. This test result will be coded in icd 9 code for prediabetes for showing someone’s prediabetes disease.

There are some different kinds of tests that may be used by some doctors. They are fasting blood sugar test and also oral glucose tolerance test. These tests actually have similarity in case of measuring the blood sugar level too as the A1C test work. These prediabetes tests are recommended by ADA (the American Diabetes Association), EASD (the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) and IDF (the International Diabetes Federation).

For those of you who don’t know about the criteria of blood sugar level that measure as prediabetes, you have to know about the specific blood sugar measurement. For sure that your blood sugar is normal you must have blood sugar less than 140mg/dl.

And the prediabetes measurement of blood sugar is in 140 until 190. Above 190 will be diabetes mellitus. Then it can be coded in the icd 9 code for diabetes.