Hypoglycemia without Diabetes Usual Misconception

There is often a classic question appeared asking of hypoglycemia and the possibility of suffering from hypoglycemia without diabetes. Well, the answer to such question would actually be less of a trivia. Hyperglycemia can occur without diabetes, and it is okay to wonder about it.

Hypoglycemia, however, occurs outside the range of diabetes and thus generally unrelated except in cases where the hypoglycemia is a result of over-worked treatment of diabetes mellitus part 2. Is it best then, to actually look deeper into the terminologies that are used mostly in describing some cases of metabolition disease concerning glucose or blood concentration in blood.diabetestic com

The Possibility of Hypoglycemia without Diabetes

Actually, contrary to the provocative nature of the question of whether it is possible to suffer from hypoglycemia without diabetes that comes as misconception, there is a high possibility of suffering from hypoglycemia without also suffering from diabetes. However, it does not mean that hypoglycemia is something better than diabetes itself. In fact, its symptoms are very different than diabetes, and are far more dangerous to the sufferer’s well-being.

The treatment of this misconception of hypoglycemia without diabetes is obtainable only by addressing the terminology itself. Hypoglycemia, which is often getting mixed up with hyperglycemia, is a condition where the glucose or sugar level in blood of a person drops so low that it will be very dangerous for the body of the person to continue its activity.

This danger often comes in form of hypoglycemia signs and symptoms. On the other hand, hyperglycemia is the condition where blood of a person has too high concentration of glucose or sugar. There is a possibility of suffering from hyperglycemia without diabetes. Since diabetes is a disease focusing on the lack of insulin hormone or failure of insulin hormone usage by the body cell, the blood sugar level itself is just an effect of diabetes. Thus, it means that hyperglycemia while often comes because of diabetes can also occur by itself.

After Clearing the Misconception of Hypoglycemia without Diabetes

With the misconception of hypoglycemia without diabetes cleared, it is fair to assume that it is virtually impossible of hypoglycemia to be in anyway related to diabetes due to their contrasting nature. Still, hypoglycemia is mostly known to have occurred due to the treatment of diabetes mellitus generally of type 2 by the means of hypoglycemia without diabetes diet.

The treatment in matter is the set of activities and prevention to keep the blood sugar level reaching as normal as possible. In some cases, however, the attempt of making the concentration of blood sugar getting lower result in making it lower, even too low than the normal level that it becomes dangerous for the person.

This is the only case where hypoglycemia has anything to do with diabetes. Still it is not of fair trade with the previous question of hypoglycemia without diabetes coming from misconception.