Honey for Diabetes

Many people actually the people who have diabetes deseases usually made free to ask whether or not diabetics are able to consume honey. It has long been considered that honey should be really limited by diabetics because of its sweetness like sugar. However, the science experiment truly indicates that it is not the case. There are three studies on raw honey in diabetics. All of which show positive health advantages for those who consume raw honey.

What the scientists invented was that honey steadily increased insulin, decreased hyperglycemia and fructosamine. It is known that fructosamineis used to identify blood glucose concentration over time. Although the drugs alone steadily reduced hyperglycemia, when they were combined with honey, they produced steadily much lower blood glucose if it is compared to the drugs alone.

Likewise glibenclamine or metformin combined with honey produced steadily lower fructosamine levels whereas glibenclamide or metformin alone didn’t decreased fructosamine. The combination can also reduced cretinine, bilirubin, triglycerides and VLDL cholesterol.food and drink diabetestic com

It surely be surprise news for diabetics that honey substantively lowers blood sugar levels and it appears to lower cholesterol as well. The science distinctly proves that is does. Honey is good for diabetes

Honey Helps Control diabetes

Recent evidence proves that honey improves glycemic control in diabetics. Glycemic control is keeping the blood sugar low. Controlling blood sugar, especially in diabetics is a very important thing.Besides, studies also assert that honey reduces lipid abnormalities like cholesterol in rats and humans with diabetes.

So, what is the reason of this? Good bacteria in our guts has important roles in treating obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes. The findings assert the beneficial effects of aligosaccharides found in honey on various abnormalities usually associated with these. It might contribute to the anti-diabetic and another beneficial effects of honey.

Benefits of Honey for Diabetes, A Guidance for You

This is for you who have diabetes and want to consume honey to help repair your blood sugar levels, lower the LDL and possibly body fat levels, you have to make certain about how much honey you need to consume every single day in 12 weeks. A kilogram is equal to 2.2 lbs. So, you should convert your weight to kilograms first.

After knowing your weight in kilograms, multiply the weight by 0.5 to get the amounts of honey you need to consume every single day. In converting to ounces, you have to know that 1 ounce is equal to 29.57 milliliters. Divide how many milliliters you have to consume by 29.57 to know the ounces. Now, you know the dosage of honey for diabetes.