The History of Diabetes, Beginning to the Treatments

The scientists have been documenting the history of diabetes for thousand years. Then diabetes has been regarded as a deadly disease since 2000 years ago. This case began when Egyptian physician discovered a disease with symptoms frequently passing urine. It becomes very strange when ants attracted to the urine of the people who had this disease.

Then around the first century, the Greek physician Arateus explained that there is a disease that causes digested food did not change as energy and help the growth of the body, but it melting down into the urine. Then the disease known as diabetes which is derived from the word “siphon” in the Greek language. Then over the times, many scientists and doctors who discovered what causes this disease and how to treat it.

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The History of Diabetes Treatments

After several scientists described this disease as the melting down of meat and limbs into urine and call it a diabetesdisease, the experiment of this disease is growing up until the scientists find a way how to treat it. Follow up the discovery of earlier scientists about that show off one of the symptoms of diabetes is often passing sweet urine, a few centuries later the scientists began to do test to diagnose this disease.

If someone has a high sugar in the urine, so it is diagnosed as diabetes. Then around 1675 the word “mellitus” is added to “diabetes” which means sweet urine melting down of meat (products of digestion) into the urine.

In the early development of the treatment of diabetes, scientists and doctors advise patients to move more like riding or exercising to sweat. This is great way to reduce the frequency of passing urine. Then at about 1700-1800 the doctors realized that the diet will greatly affect the disease.

Eating fatty foods or high sugar will make the disease worse. Then the doctors advise diabetes sufferer to consume a healthy diet that is low in fat and sugar. And then at about 1916 the Boston Elliott Joslin scientists revealed that fasting diet will greatly help patients with diabetes if they combine it with regular exercise.

It is proven to reduce the risk of complications or death due to diabetes.And recently the history of diabetes treatment is growing up so it can help patients escape from this deadly disease.