Green Tea and Diabetes Have the Relation to Help Patients Curing the Disease

Green tea and diabetes are able to give a great final result. Tea itself has been known as people’s favorite drink because of its yummy taste and advantageous nutrients. There are so many researches done and they all show that consuming green tea each day will be good for human’s health. We now know that tea is helpful also for diabetes patients.

In brief, it is said that drinking three cups of green tea every day can lower the risk of worse damage for especially people with diabetic type 2. Let’s figure out the relation between green tea and diabetes.

Green Tea and Diabetes: What Is Inside the Tea?

It is a pretty new thing to know that green tea and diabetes has a relatable situation. People who like drinking green tea each day will likely reduce their risk of growing diabetes type 2. Diabetes itself can be earlier prevented by consuming green tea routinely.

Green tea is rich of flavonoid that is best used to control weight and glucose level. Previously, we should have known that diabetes has also identically linked to weight problems. Diabetic people are usually coming from those gaining too much weight. In the other hand, too skinny people are risky, too, of having diabetes due to the nutrient-lack.

By taking green tea daily, people with diabetes already can prevent the uncontrollable weight gain and loss. The tea can also keep the sugary blood in a more normal level by producing polyphenols. The substance is believed to fight inflammation and carcinogens with its rich anti-oxidant.

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Green Tea and Diabetes: What Is the Impact to Diabetes?

Green tea and diabetes relate surprisingly; there are so many benefits and advantages that people can take from consuming green tea; green tea affects diabetes so much. It is stated before that green tea is rich of nutrient. Basically, one most important thing to figure out that green tea contains high level of polyphenols. Overall, polyphenols are believed to be able to help human’s body naturally produce insulin.

Previously, we should have known that diabetic people are those whose bodies can no longer process carbohydrate into kinder model of sugar in blood. When the body aren’t able to produce insulin anymore, that is when diabetes attacking. Thus, people with diabetes are known to have high level of glucose in their blood.

Polyphenols are the safer as it is able to produce insulin naturally. Besides helping body by increasing insulin-releasing sensitivity, polyphenols can control blood pressure and reduce any cardiovascular disease.

Naunyn-Schmedeberg’s Archives of Pharmacology, on one of their tests, concluded that green tea is very amazing. In short, green tea, with its flavonoid-rich and overwhelming polyphenols, is effectively able to control better weight and glucose level. Managing diabetes has never been easy and tasty, before we know the power of three cups of green tea a day. One more bonus: green tea is also good to prevent cancer!

Don’t forget to measure average amount of sugar in your every sip. With a clever doing, the effect of green tea and diabetes can perform well and help patients overcoming the pain.