Glucose Tolerance Test for Healthier Body

Glucose tolerance test is a way for diagnosing the existence of diabetes. Diabetes has been one of the most suffering diseases around the world. There are so many people who are fighting against this kind of disease. This disease makes a person who is suffering feels weak and lost too much body weight in a short time. Diabetes is recognized by glucose remaining in urine, making it coloured yellowish.

There are so many complications happen due to this disease. Besides, this kind of diseases can also against people who don’t have a diabetes line from their parents. This is caused by bad lifestyle where people consume foods freely without controlling glucose, calories and fat. This is mostly happen to people who live in modern lifestyle, people who don’t have time to cook and eat healthier foods.diabetestic com

Glucose tolerance test: The method

There are so many ways to get diabetes recognized. Tests for diabetes are available in many laboratories. If you want to get your diabetes recognized, you can first recognize the symptoms that usually occur to people who are suffering for diabetes like get thirsty easily, hungry, and urinate in too many times although you just drink a bit of water. If you lost your weight too much in a short time, that could be a sign that you are suffering for diabetes. This is the time for you to get some tests.

You can get this glucose tolerance test in laboratories to know your blood sugar level. This test method requires you to eat 150 grams of carbohydrate in a day, for three days before the test. This kind of test needs the blood from the vena for being checked.

Glucose tolerance test: the result

When you are in your preparation of doing the test, you will be advised to avoid foods and medicines that can affect to the test like the diabetes medicines that could decrease the blood sugar level inside your body. This is needed so that your result will not be affected and you will get actual result of your blood sugar. In doing the glucose tolerance test, the doctor will take your blood sample for it.

The result of glucose test can show you how stable your body health is. Doctor will read the result for you. You can know whether your blood sugar level is low or high. All of them are depended to your lifestyle and eating habit.

This method is believed to be the most accurate method to know your blood sugar level. This is caused by its careful steps and sterile method so that your blood sugar can be controlled in normal level. If you are suffering for diabetes, you can get this kind of test regularly. This test will cost you a lot if you do it regularly.

So, there is a simple way that you can do your own test in your house with using the strip. The strip test is not as accurate as the glucose tolerance test but it is worth doing for knowing your blood sugar level.