Fasting Plasma Glucose Test, Understanding the Plasma Glucose Test

For those of you who will know about your body condition related to sugar blood levels, you have to do fasting plasma glucose test in order to diagnose yourself about pre-diabetic or diabetic. This test is relatively inexpensive and simple to do, but the result is bigger for your health. The test will take your blood sample after fasting at least 8 to 12 hours except mineral water.

Why does it take in fasting stage? Because in fasting, the condition of sugar bloodin the body is normal, since there are no food consumptions. Thus, in this case, you will see whether your body has normal glucose level or not. The procedure of fasting glucose test is in the morning while you fasting and take the blood through the and product diabetestic

Fasting Plasma Glucose test – Knowing the Result

Checking blood glucose while fasting is the right step to know your sugar blood level in order you are diagnosed as diabetic or not. Tin this condition the hormone of glucagon increases and simulated plasma glucose level in the body. If a person has no diabetes, the insulin will re-balance the glucose level in the body, whereas a person who has diabetic will not produce insulin and the blood glucose increase.

There are exactly two types of diabetics, first is the insulin that cannot re-balance the blood sugar is called diabetic type 1 and the diabetic type 2 is the acute condition where the body does not able to use insulin properly. Fasting plasma glucose test is done in two different occasions to ensure there is no false diagnosis and result.

There are two fasting result of glucose test, as follows; the normal range is 3.9 to 5.5 mmol/l or 70 to 100mg/dl, for pre-diabetic is 101 to 1206mg/dl and diabetes is more than 126mg/dl.

Fasting Plasma Glucose Test – How to Measure Blood Glucose

The amount of sugar blood is changed every-day, if the glucose changes up or down rapidly it will effect of serious complication. Thus, checking blood glucose is really important, at least you have to check it once a day. To checking your blood glucose does not need to the doctor, for daily routine you can use blood glucose measurer. This action will help you to detect when your blood glucose increase or decrease. When you do this action, you also have to do fasting plasma glucose test. You have to do it before eating or sleeping at least three times repeated.

Moreover, you also have to check your blood glucose when you are sick, after exercising or after losing some weight. Do not underestimate to check your plasma glucose; it can be really bad if you already know your blood sugar lever after diagnosis of diabetic. If it is happened, you will not have much ways to cure it.

Therefore, fasting plasma glucose test is really important for everyone, it is not dangerous for you, but this is cure for you to know the first signal of diabetic.