Fasting Blood Sugar to Keep Healthy

Fasting blood sugar is often done by people who suffer from diabetes mellitus, especially for those who have uncontrolled blood sugar levels. This is done in order to keep the condition of body. If the blood sugar is too high, people will tire, hungry and sleepy easily, even high blood sugar can lead to disease complications of all organs in the body. Many people are not aware of the benefits of this fasting.

If diabetics commit to do this fasting regularly, their body will definitely be healthy. This method has proven effective for lowering blood sugar levels. Therefore, many people do this fasting to keep the normal blood sugar.diabetestic com

Fasting Blood Sugar in the Right and Effective Ways

Fasting blood sugar is not as fasting in general. It is the part of the diet program for diabetics. It is based on the individual ability and self-motivation in each patient. There are several ways to reduce blood sugar effectively. First, choose healthy and low calories foods in your diet menus each day. Do not forget to add fruits and vegetables there. Give a minimum of 2 hours interval between meal and snack.

For example, if you have breakfast at 8, you can eat a snack at 10. Second, do moderate exercise every day. You do not need hard exercises, just walking or jogging at least 20-30 minutes per day. In addition, drink more mineral water. This method is very effective to control blood sugar levels. Third, taking diabetes medicine regularly and do not go to sleep right after eating.

Fasting Blood Sugar in the Night

The successful key in the fasting blood sugar is activity in the night. For you who have the habit of eating a heavy snack before sleep, you should begin to end that habit from now. Choose a healthy snack in a small size at night. Then, do moderate exercises to burn calories before go to sleep. Improve your sleeping quality. Remember; do not stay up too late and waking up too early.

Staying up all night can be a trigger factor of high blood sugar in the morning. Make your nerve as relax as possible at night and do not too concern about the heavy stuff because it can causes insomnia. All of these are a series of fasting for Diabetics.

If you can run the program with the correct sequence according to the direction of a doctor or nutritionist, your blood sugar must be always controlled. You must always remember to test your blood sugar regularly and consult your health to the doctor. The main principle is your lifestyle and diet program as well as the quality of your rest each day.

Avoid the diabetes triggers like cigarettes, soft drinks, and high calorie foods. Self-discipline is very important. Your body is like a machine that needs a rest and balanced nutrition. Be smart to choose natural and healthy foods. Besides keeping the body ageless, healthy food can also maintain the resilience of body organs. Do not hesitate to carry out the fasting blood sugar immediately if your body has signaled the symptoms of diabetes.